Saturday 13 July 2024
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Andrea Pettinari

Andrea Pettinari: “Here is how specialty coffee release events have evolved lately in Cagliari”

CAGLIARI - Andrea Pettinari keeps enlightening Sardinia with the light of Specialty Coffee from his “lighthouse”: Caffè dell’Arte Specialty Coffee. After releasing his latest...

Andrea Pettinari: “Yes, the food offerings of a café can influence the customer’s choices for coffee”

MILANO - We often talk about specialty coffee and how this product - basically a  philosophy, a way to think about the beverage -...

Pettinari, Caffè dell’Arte: “We only serve specialty coffee from our own roastery here”

CAGLIARI - Specialty Coffee landed on the island: there's a cafè, in Cagliari, that has become the temple of quality coffee thanks to the...

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