Sunday 14 August 2022

Sustainable innovation in the world of hospitality starts with Gruppo Gimoka at Host 2021

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MILAN, Italy – Gruppo Gimoka will be the protagonist at Host, the reference fair for the world of hospitality to be held in Milan from 22 to 26 October, thanks to the combination of innovation and sustainability at the basis of the Group’s consolidation strategies and the growth of its brands.

The expansion of the sustainable single service range

Always a key player thanks to its already wide range of solutions, especially in the portioned segment, Gruppo Gimoka further expands its portfolio with three new proposals in line with the principles of the circular economy. The Group is the only European manufacturer able to offer a compostable capsule compatible with the 2.0 Kerurig system. It is an oxygen barrier capsule that keeps the fragrance of the packaged coffee intact and can be disposed of through the industrial composting system. Driven by the constant trend towards technological, process and environmental innovation, Gruppo Gimoka also offers the compostable capsule with the GM3 closed system: an industrial compostable version, TUV certified, of the GM3 capsule of the system owned by the Group. Thanks to the compostability, the attention to the environment is combined with the quality of a cup prepared with an oxygen barrier capsule suitable for dispensing various types of coffee (espresso, long, etc.).

To these, another solution is added, fully in line with the criteria of the circular economy, attentive not only to the quality of the coffee dispensed but also to the competitiveness of the proposal. This is the compostable and bio-based paper pod, sealed in a 100% recyclable, sustainable wrapper capable of preserving the fragrance of the coffee over time while keeping the proposal competitive in terms of costs. These three proposals represent an expansion of the range of sustainable portioned products also for the Gruppo Gimoka’s Private Label customers and aim to intercept that target of consumers who are more attentive to environmental sustainability.

The news for the world of horeca

Host will be an opportunity to present the Gruppo Gimoka‘s transversal proposal dedicated to the horeca sector, developed along various lines to meet the articulated needs of the sector itself. The Univerciok brand is becoming increasingly important, thanks to its complementary offer aimed at intercepting new styles of consumption and intended for all horeca. operators. With a vast menu of chocolate drinks, barley, ginseng, yogurt, cold creams and trendy soluble drinks, Univerciok boasts a range of Hot and Cold products united by the search for the highest quality and food safety dedicated to the modern cafeteria and to the breakfast segment at hotels and B&Bs, and which also includes Free-from and Organic lines, with certified materials and produced with methods with a very low environmental impact. An integrated offer developed not only on products but also on dispensing systems.

An example is the DC2 machine for dispensing beverages from 2 different soluble products, developed and patented in Italy, which guarantees high quality standards thanks to the possibility of customizing the dispensing parameters for each type of beverage. With a modern design, the machine is able to guarantee a high degree of energy saving, machine control at the sale point and equipment management with RFID.
Added to this is a GM1-S multibeverage machine, easy to manage and control via a display, capable of dispensing different types of coffee at different pressures, herbal teas, teas and soluble drinks in single-portion mode as well as being equipped with a specific canister for soluble drinks with greater rotation.

The Gruppo Gimoka strategy in the horeca. sector also involves the Galleria CaffèSi brand, chosen by the best coffee shops in Milan, which presents the new Diamante Nero blend. This 100% Arabica blend with a medium-light roast and a sensorial profile which emphasizes fruity and floral hints, is calibrated, above all, on the preferences of consumers in Northern Italy. In addition to the line in Grains for horeca., the flagship brand Gimoka presents the range in aluminium pods which represents the perfect solution for all the locations with low turnover, or without professional baristas, who do not want to give up quality coffee drinks.

The novelties of the Gimoka brand

Host 2021 is also the stage chosen by the Group to launch the new Gimoka range for the home, with which it aims to be one of the first reference brands in the retail coffee market (physical and online), positioning itself -in line with the guiding values of the brand – as a quality product, accessible and able to embrace all segments and formats. Thanks also to the renewed graphics, the range will be able to count on high visibility and distinctiveness on the shelf, offering a point of reference for the consumer and presenting itself as a contemporary brand, ideal for all types of sensory preferences.

The new range will be within everyone’s reach and complete both for the variety of blends and for the packaging formats, in relation to the ground, grain and portioned lines – in pods and capsules, compatible with all the most common systems on the market.
In fact, the Gimoka brand was conceived from a deep knowledge and passion for coffee, combined with the desire to act as an accessible, human and surprising brand. Italian taste, accessibility and completeness of the offer are therefore the pillars on which it rests, combined with respect for the environment and people.

Gimoka integrates its commercial offer with the launch of a coffee machine for ESE pods intended for domestic use or for small locations.
The ESE pod machine stands out for being a complete machine with a traditional system, capable of delivering quality coffee from paper pods.
In the panorama of current equipment proposals that dispense coffee from paper pods, Gimoka’s goal is to develop a machine with high performance but at the same time accessible.

Gimoka appointments at Host
On the occasion of Host 2021, in Fieramilano from Friday 22 to Tuesday 26 October, the stand will be a space dedicated to the dissemination of coffee culture, thanks to various meetings that will involve participants in events aimed at experiencing coffee in multiple forms. The list of protagonists includes Igor Masella and Gianni Cocco, two all-round coffee professionals, who will liven up the Gimoka exhibition space with a full program of events.

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