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Sustainability in focus in CoffeExperts, the new book by Andrea and Marco Bazzara

From Colombian coffee production to Lavazza's projects, from water resources to B Corps, the Slow Food Coalition and ideas for safeguarding the planet and the entire coffee sector

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TRIESTE – Sustainability is a key element in safeguarding the future, not only of the planet but also of the entire coffee sector: this is the strong and clear message expressed by several authoritative voices in CoffeExperts, the new book by Andrea and Marco Bazzara. The book, which is going to be released in December, is inspired by the Trieste Coffee Experts event and it is the fifth volume published by Bazzara Communication in the effort of disseminating the culture of high-quality coffee.

CoffeExperts collects concrete and strategic interventions

Offering new perspectives on the sustainability challenges that await the actors of the coffee supply chain. The authors of the interventions are prominent characters of the sector, starting with Michele Cannone, Global Brand Director Away from Home at Lavazza Spa Group, who analyzes the evolution of the coffee market in a world that “needs us to behave responsibly in order to be futuristic in some way”, and where
“being sustainable becomes an opportunity, also economically speaking ”.

Sergio Barbarisi, Ho.Re.Ca. & Vending Director at BWT Italy, underlines the importance of water in the coffee market and hypothesizes possible future scenarios in view of the scarcity of this resource, while other experts, such as Adriano Bagnasco, CEO at Volcafe Italy, or Fabrizio Polojaz of the Associazione Caffè Trieste, reflecting on the balance between producer and consumer countries, emphasize the matter of social responsibility especially with respect to the first link in the chain, represented by the coffee

This topic is widely discussed in the section dedicated to Colombia

An important producing country in which the coffee sector is playing a key role in the local reforestation work thanks to the involvement of some big players of the Italian and international coffee world. This year, a new agreement on “Coffee, forest & climate” has been signed by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, together with other important players in the supply chain, underlines the European Director of the federation, Carolina Castañeda.

The Ambassador of Colombia in Italy, Gloria Isabel Ramirez Rioz, proposes to find joint solutions for development, which concern the entire production and consumption chain, reiterating that the starting point remains however “the right price for coffee, because if you don’t pay the farmers, there is no sustainability and there will be no future for coffee, at least not for quality coffee “.

The CoffeExperts involved underline from several points of view the importance of shortening the distance between producers and consumers

By rethinking the distribution of value in an equitable way along the links of the supply chain. There is a clear need for new economic paradigms oriented not only to profit but
to the creation of well-being in a broad sense, with care for the environment and the social context in which they operate. In the “People for planet” section of the book, we talk about B Corps, Benefit Companies and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda: tools supporting entrepreneurs in the transition.

“Businesses are also called upon to do their part. Especially in this historical moment of great distrust in politics, companies are asked to compensate for a leadership gap, assuming a leading role in social, environmental and governance issues,” explains Mauro Bazzara, CEO at Bazzara Espresso. “Obtaining the status of B Corp or Benefit Corporation,” writes the entrepreneur from Trieste in CoffeExperts, “is a goal,
but above all a path. In this way, the company is stimulated to continuously innovate. The attempt is to conceive and rethink one’s activities as tools capable of creating positive change and impact. It means taking a path that helps build a different business culture. Bazzara Espresso welcomed this new perspective with great motivation. We no longer compete just to be the best but to create a better world”.

The closing section of the book is dedicated to sustainability in the coffee sector

The afterword is signed by Stefano Patuanelli, Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. With reference to government policies, the Minister explains that, through future incentives, “in order to strengthen the emerging competitive forces in the global market, projects will be awarded in the name of reduction of the environmental impact and a fair distribution of value, transparency and respect for the principles of the circular economy”.

More information about Bazzara Espresso is available on the website

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