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Suffering from chronic pain? Drinking a cup of coffee can provide relief

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MILAN – Coffee is the most common beverage consumed globally. It has many advantages like it can boost your fiber intake, protect you from liver cirrhosis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and much more.

According to the recent study, coffee is far better in healing the chronic pain compared to the pain killer pills like ibuprofen

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As coffee contains caffeine which is the key ingredient that provides health benefits. In the United States, more than 50% people consume coffee on daily basis and the number is increasing day-by-day.

Caffeine provides pain relief by exerting peripheral action that provides relief at the place where the injury has occurred. Caffeine also produces CNS effects that boost up the body’s natural pain killing mechanism.


For the purpose of a study, the researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital gave the mice either painkillers, coffee or more time for sleep. The researchers found that after giving them caffeine the mice became resistant to pain as compare to the ones that were given painkillers.

To keep the mice, awake, the researchers provided the mice with custom-made toys. Dr. Alexandre and her co-investigator, pain physiologist Dr. Alban Latremoliere, then tracked the mice using EEG heart rate monitoring machines.

When these mice use to feel tired, the experts used to distract them. In this way, the mice were kept awake for 12 hours in one session or for six hours for five consecutive days. This was done to test the stress hormone that caused pain.

Pain sensitivity was measured by exposing the mice to different conditions like heat, cold, pressure or capsaicin and then estimating how long it took to move away. The five consecutive days of sleeplessness can worsen the pain sensitivity.

The common pain killers like ibuprofen did not block sleep-loss-induced pain hypersensitivity. This means that people need to increase the dose of painkiller to compensate for sleep loss which has many side effects.

But, coffee does not cause sleep depriveness and can provide relief from chronic pain. Hence, the pain killer should be replaced by coffee since it has many benefits and promotes better sleeping habits.


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