Friday 01 March 2024

Starbucks has a special Jimoto Frappuccino for each Japanese prefecture

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MILAN – Starbucks Japan has come up this summer with a whopping 47 new Frappuccino’s flavors at once. Why 47? Because that’s the number of prefectures in Japan, and each new drink in the 47 Jimoto Frappuccino (jimoto meaning “local”) series is available exclusively in the prefecture it represents.

You can look at the complete list at this link. The calorie counts is also provided, just so that we can calculate how much time we want to spend in the gym to work off those delicious dessert drinks.

OK let’s get started, starting at the lowest calorie Jimoto Frappuccino and working our way up (and by the way, the number seen in each photo is simply the order in which the flavors were revealed, not it’s calorie or deliciousness ranking).

In the end, it’s not chocolate, but melon that packs the biggest calorie punch at Starbucks. At 625 calories, Ibaraki’s Creamy Melon Jimoto Frappuccino has almost as many as a regular-size beef bowl at Yoshinoya, which has 635.

But hey, Frappuccinos are essentially milkshakes with more ice, so they’ve always been a bit of an indulgence, and with this many delicious-sounding flavors, we’re sure we can find room in our calorie budget for a few more before summer’s done.

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