Monday 15 April 2024
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New sustainable packaging solutions for small batches of gourmet coffee and tea

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MILAN – Sustainable packaging, new recipes and attention to the roasting of even small batches: coffee and tea are increasingly sought-after products that are taken care of at 360 degrees. The time when coffee and tea were commodities without a great identity now seems light years away. Today the world has changed and the solutions that aim at quality and sustainability, as we will see at Host21, are increasing and diversifying.

“Over the past year we have learned that many things can be done virtually, but also that a personal contact cannot be replaced by an online meeting. Therefore, we are very happy that Host will be held in attendance and look forward to finally meeting existing and new customers. We certainly expect a lot of interesting discussions and meetings”, says Michael Blatter, Head of Sales Coffee & Nuts at Bühler.

DVG De Vecchi

The Swiss company will present the latest developments in the field of roasting. “For the first time we have the opportunity to do small-scale roasting tests with batches up to 10 kg and then shift easily on an industrial scale. This saves a lot of costs in product development and reduces the waste of high quality and expensive raw materials”.

Among the current trends there is sustainability in all its aspects. “In a high-temperature process such as coffee roasting, energy certainly plays a vital role. With the Norwegian coffee processing company Joh. Johannson we recently built the world’s first ultra-low CO2 coffee factory in Norway. Thanks to innovative concepts, we have managed to reduce emissions by 85% compared to conventional coffee roasting: an incredible result”.

La Cimbali

Show visitors how the machines work and let them experience the advantages of the products: this is the added value of the event in attendance according to Goglio, a company from Daverio (Varese) that develops and manufactures packaging systems by supplying flexible laminates, valves, machines and technical assistance to the major coffee roasters in the world.

“At HostMilano we will bring innovative solutions for sustainable coffee packaging, including the ‘compostable barrier capsule’ and sustainable packaging made with polyolefin materials, without the classic layer of aluminum: their production leads to a reduction of up to 40% in emissions of CO2 and are recovered from modern plastic recycling plants, maintaining the barrier properties necessary to preserve the product” explains Fabrizio Tomasich, Italian Sales Director of Goglio.

“One of the most important trends is the increasing attention to sustainability which considers the entire life cycle of a product, from the materials used to the production processes, storage and transport to disposal. Another relevant area in our sector concerns the research and development of solutions for Industry 4.0: thanks to our system we can monitor the installed production lines 24 hours a day, to ensure maximum efficiency of the systems and a reduction in waste, thanks to the analysis of production, operating and process data”.

“During the pandemic, many hospitality companies had time to think about their business and new opportunities. HostMilano is the event to find the suppliers and partners they need to bring their new ideas to the market”, explains Arnout Verbeek, Managing Director of the Dutch Tea Quiero International, which obtained the prestigious Smart label last year.

In October the company will present new solutions for tea in hospitality: “Today more than ever customers ask to be pampered and surprised, and we are convinced that they want healthiness, sustainability, excellent taste and distinctive packaging”.

Among the trends, the world of herbal teas is experiencing great attention, especially among young professionals in large urban centers. “They prefer infusions and are also looking for organic products. Traditional herbs such as chamomile, rooibos, ginger and mint, but also new infusions such as lime and moringa”.

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