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Starbucks Debuts 3 New Chocolate Laden Valentine’s Day Coffee Drinks Now

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by Jason Brow

Starbucks wants to be your valentine this year. Instead of giving out boxes of chocolates, the coffee giant wants to win over the hearts — and stomachs — of its fans with three chocolate-filled drinks! Click to find out all the tasty details.Valentine’s Day is on its way and that means love, romance and most importantly of all: chocolate! Starbucks wants to be everyone’s bae with three drinks packed to the lid of chocolaty goodness. However, while true love may last forever, these drinks are only around for a limited time!

From Feb. 8 until Feb. 14 (that’s St. Valentine’s Day) Starbucks will offer a trio of choco-tastic drinks. You can start your day with a steamy Molten Chocolate Latté, or chill out with your bae and a Molten Frappuccino. Or, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day the classic way, curl up with a copy of Love Story while sipping a mug of Molten Hot Chocolate.

The latté, which you can get iced, features chocolate chips melted into espresso and topped with steamed milk. Add a dash of mocha sauce and it’ll make your taste buds melt. The Frappuccino also features mocha sauce and chocolate blended in. The hot chocolate is – surprise, surprise – mocha sauce and chocolate chips melted into steamed milk.

In addition to these treats, Starbucks will have a special Snapchat filter that you can only get when you are in your local store, according to Bustle. Plus, the coffee chain will have plenty of Valentine’s goodies — mugs, cookies and a special playlist on Spotify, reports E! News.

Now, before everyone enjoys a little “death by chocolate,” how many calories are in these tasty treats? Starbucks doesn’t have the nutritional data for the chocolate latté online, as they say the “beverages are handcrafted and may be customized, [so] exact information may vary.” The regular hot chocolate is 400 calories per 16 fl. oz serving. The caffe latte is 190 calories while the blended Frappuccino is 240 calories. If you’re avoiding sugar or calories during this season of love, it might want to swipe left on these drinks. But if you love chocolate, these drinks are a dream come true!


Hopefully, these drinks won’t cause another scandal. Starbucks came under fire for a racially incentive display in January, right after they were blasted for their plain red holiday cups. Plus, they also had those polar bear cookies that looked like their throats had been slit. Since everyone loves chocolate, maybe Starbucks will get through Valentine’s Day without any heartbreak


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