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SPoT Coffee announces continued franchise growth, new operating system

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TORONTO, Canada — SPoT Coffee announces that its newest franchise café, SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda, has opened for business today. “Thank you everyone for the wonderful support,” said franchisee Ralph Dailey . “We’ll save a SPoT for you in our café!”. Mr. Dailey, like other SPoT franchisees, remains confident in the Company’s concept and operating model despite the challenges posed by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. He anticipates strong performance now and in a post-pandemic hospitality environment.

SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda, which is located at 54 Webster Street in North Tonawanda, New York , will be the first SPoT Coffee franchise to open its doors with the Linga Restaurant Operating System (“Linga rOS”) in place. The Linga rOS is tailored specifically to the food and beverage industry.

With the ability to better manage and promote both the café and SPoT’s products, SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda will be taking full advantage of the work the Company’s management team has done on upgrading systems over the past year.

North Tonawanda , often referred to as the “Jewel of Niagara County “, is positioned between the Niagara River and Erie Canal. It boasts a population of over 31,000 non-transient residents and countless historical sites, including the famed Riviera Theatre, which is located on Webster Street only steps away from SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda.

“We are very excited to see SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda open its doors to the neighbourhood. This location is set up for success with such a well-trained, dedicated, and hygiene-conscious franchisee and staff in place,” said Mr. Joshua Horton , Chief Business Development Officer of SPoT Coffee.

“Our drive to continually improve the customer experience, combined with Mr. Dailey’s efforts, will ensure that every guest at SPoT Coffee North Tonawanda is safe and well-served. Our collaboration has created an environment that the community of North Tonawanda can be proud of now and in the future.”