Friday 27 January 2023

Songwa School Rebuild Project takes off

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The Songwa School Rebuild Project takes off. The Songwa partners (La Marzocco, Mahlkonig & Probat) have made their selection. A young and dynamic Pau Valverde Molina of Barcelona will be travelling to the Songwa Estates plantation in late May and, once settled on the farm, will put his skills and determination to work.

From an early age, Pau has been technically inclined and in his free time, designs his own gadgets, sometimes having to do with the coffee sector.

A few years ago, Pau, like many young baristas before him, was literally picked up off his feet through his collaboration with a small specialty coffee roaster in Barcelona.

By combining his innate technical skills and overwhelming passion for coffee, he is the ideal candidate to coordinate, in collaboration with the local community, the demolition and rebuild of the school building for the Muvwa Primary School, bringing new space, boundless light, and delight to the 327 children who attend the school, as well as pride to the school’s local community, in this gorgeous, albeit remote valley in southwest Tanzania.

On behalf of the Songwa partnership and staff at La Marzocco, we wish Pau success and look forward to receiving the good news and photos of progress being made during his 3-month stay on the Songwa plantation. Stay tuned.

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