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Comunicaffè promotes at Sigep the event “Coffee culture in the light of sustainability and digital development” on January 24th

The event promoted by Comunicaffè, will focus on the value of sustainability report documents and the synergies that can be obtained through digitalising the supply chain

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RIMINI, Italy – In the Vision Plaza at Sigep – The Dolce World Expo, the future of food service will be outlined thanks to a packed calendar of events aimed at portraying the developments of the sector, one of Made in Italy’s pride and joys. The Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated to artisan gelato, pastry, bakery, chocolate and coffee, which opens its doors at Rimini Expo Centre from 21st to 25th January 2023, thus confirms its role as a reference point for operators in the artisan dolce food service industry.

Sigep’s Vision Plaza

Sigep’s Vision Plaza will become the workroom for anticipating tomorrow’s scenarios, thanks to the collaboration and involvement of leading research institutes such as The Npd Group – IRI, Deloitte, Doxa and Cerved, and the attendance of all the associations and media of reference for each of the five supply chains represented, national institutions such as the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) as well as international institutions such Al Invest VerdeIILA, the Italo-Latin American Organisation.

La Cimbali

In three separate moments, the NPD Group will offer an insight into the situation of the foodservice sector at an Italian and global level (Challenges and opportunities in the European food service, 22nd Jan. 12.30 pm), describing the differences and similarities in European and stars and stripes’ trends, with the aim of outlining, at least as far as Italy is concerned, what opportunities the change in consumption paradigms entails (Out-of-home consumption in Italy.

The future of the food industry

Opportunities and future prospects, 23rd Jan. 11.30 am, and Breakfast out and in the home. Opportunities for food service by looking at consumer behaviour, in collaboration with IRI, 24th Jan., 2.30 pm). Out-of-home at home is, however, the appointment (25th Jan. 12 noon) organised by Design Group Italia’s FoodLab to assess the prospects for take-away and delivery gelato.


Doxa data are the starting point of Preparing for the challenges of 2023, organised by Dolcesalato – 22nd January – which aims to take stock of the consequences of the health emergency and the Italian people’s feelings towards artisanal pastry-bakery and gelato products.

On Monday 23rd January, Carlo Cracco, speaker for APEI- Ambassadors of Italian Pastry Chef Excellence, will give a talk on International high-pastry trends in catering and the hospitality industry. On the same day, data from Deloitte will also be presented during Food Service market monitor: the main trends and developments.

Talent, skill and determination

Davide Comaschi, World Champion Chocolatier 2013 and member of Relais Dessert International, will be the key player on 22nd January of Constructing a professional career between talent, skill, vision and determination, an event organised by Pasticceria Internazionale, which the following day will highlight the importance of teamwork with Fabrizio Fiorani and the tangible experience of team power in The cherry on the cake (22nd Jan. 4.30 pm).

With the talk entitled The future of pastry: Ampi’s bet – Training, communication, growth: the Ampi Giovani group (22nd January – 1.30 pm), Sigep will be introducing Ampi Giovani – the new group set up in 2022 that comprises young pastry chefs, experienced pastry chefs and consultants, aged between 20 and 30, who, for two years, will have the opportunity to directly experience the Academy’s world and its activities.

Ampi will also be staging the talk Pricing in the pastry shop: product positioning and quality, an event in which Santi Palazzolo and Fabrizio Fiorani will discuss the importance of adopting a business strategy to make sure that the pastry business has a future.

The bar of the future

In its talk on 23rd January, the Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi (Italian Federation of Public Establishments) will be looking into The challenges of the bar of the future: prices, quality, professionalism, in the light of changes brought about by recent emergencies in the organisational and managerial set-ups of businesses.

The event organised by (Identity and innovation: the last resort. Case studies in the food sector 21st Jan. 4 pm) will be on a similar theme by turning the spotlight on the need to adopt strategies to project one’s own identity while differentiating risk and innovating at the same time.

An identity that must sometimes be found in the preservation and enhancement of one’s roots, as Fipe points out in its Historical bars and restaurants. Rules and tools for enhancing an Italian asset (24th Jan. 12.30 pm).

The pastry sector will, instead, be addressed by Pastry shop marketing: new trends and rules for success!, promoted by Italian Gourmet, while New business: how to recruit big customers will be organised by Bargiornale and Dolcegiornale (23rd Jan. 4:30 pm).

Still on the topic of the entrepreneurial aspect of the dolce food service, on 24th January, CAST Alimenti, School of Cookery and Professions of Taste, will be inviting visitors to reflect on the importance of A new indispensable model of high managerial training for food professionals to create good practices and successful business.

The concept of energy and human sustainability, a theme now permeating every sector, will also be addressed in SIGEP’s Vision Plaza with numerous events.

Sustainability and zerp-impact packaging at Sigep

Legambiente Agricoltura, with the help of the virtuous testimony of Coprob – Italia Zuccheri, will deal with the theme of the Circular Economy and sustainable development of the agro-food supply chain (25th January, 11 am); Cerved data and new trends in bread-making, such as long-life products, zero-impact packaging, attention to the territory and the fight against waste, will be the focus of the event promoted by AIBI (Bread: the future is sustainable 24th Jan. 11.30 a.m.), while Puntoit will focus on strategies to lower energy consumption (23rd Jan. 10.30 a.m.).

The coffee supply chain will also prove its commitment to reducing social and environmental impact with two events.

The first – Coffee and sustainability in Latin America: good practices, challenges and future prospects 21st Jan, 3.30 pm – will build on the testimony provided by AL INVEST VERDE – IILA, the Italo-Latin American Organisation.

The second (24th Jan, 4.30 pm) – Coffee culture in the light of sustainability and digital development –, promoted by Comunicaffè, will focus on the value of sustainability report documents and the synergies that can be obtained through digitalising the supply chain.

For more detailed information on the events, take a look at the programme by clicking here.

Focus on Sigep and A.B. Tech Expo 2023

Dates: 21-25 January 2023; Organization: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; editions: 44th Sigep and 7th A.B. Tech Expo; frequency: annual; event: international trade show; entry: trade only; for more info click here.


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