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SIC International Coffee Exhibition at HostMilano 2017, the world in a cup

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MILAN, Italy – At the black and aromatic beating heart of HostMilano (Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 October 2017 at fieramilano) lies Sic, the International Coffee Trade Show, which will be offering, once again, a series of events to better understand the many different facets of this evolving sector.

Wce – World Coffee Events with SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, in partnership with Mumac, will première Cafe Chronology, an event that brings to life three different coffee eras: the early twentieth century, the late twentieth century, and the present day.

La Cimbali

A journey through time where three bars will present a different way of serving coffee and alcohol, also through period machinery and furnishings, thus recreating the coffee culture of that particular time.

Altoga – the Lombard Association of Coffee Roasters and Importers and of Food Wholesalers, FIPE – the Italian Federation of Public Concerns and I.C.A. (Italian Coffee Association)will collaborate at Host 2017 to give life to Coffee and …, an event entirely dedicated to the world of coffee, from the green bean to its roasting and grinding, and through to the final tasting. In a contiguous area, a few chefs will interpret the coffee theme in engaging cooking shows.


The 5th Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana (Italian Coffeehouse Grand Prix) – organised by AICAF, the Italian Academy of Coffee Masters, and supported during the finals by Altoga to promote Italian professionalism and Italian products – will be held on 21 and 22 October. A panel of sensory judges will select the best barista, whose recipe must include at least one typical Italian ingredient.

But that’s not all, Hub Coffee Science, an emanation of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, will represent a centre for scientific research, where the visitors will be able to interact with the researchers and use the lab instruments to explore the secrets of coffee from an unusual perspective.

The public will be offered two experiential routes designed to teach visitors about coffee’s scientific secrets. The first concerns the production process, from bean to brew, while the second addresses the impact of water on the final product, analysing different types and sampling a single type of coffee bean brewed with different types of water.

The events scheduled for HostMilano by Mixer with Planet One offers a blend of training and entertainment, revealing the magic of mixology through professional workshops and Food Shows.

Attendants will be given the lowdown on natural herbs and medicinal plants, as well as being taught new mixing and food pairing techniques. Ancient ingredients will be used to create and transform classic flavours into something new and absolutely groundbreaking.

Mixology and cooking masters will thus give industry professionals the chance to return to tradition and learn about the properties of natural herbs, their benefits, and methods of use. And all at the service of healthy cocktails and sustainable food dishes.


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