Monday 20 May 2024
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Schaerer Coffee Club Fully Automatic Coffee Machine launches in North America

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TUSTIN, Calif., U.S. – Schaerer recently announced the launch of the Schaerer Coffee Club Fully Automatic Coffee Machine. This launch represents the first time the Swiss coffee machine manufacturer has made the signature model available in North America. With a 50 cups per day peak volume output, the machine is ideal for served environments like small bakeries, fine dining establishments, full-service restaurants and bistros.

“This fully automatic coffee machine from Schaerer delivers on all aspects of professional coffee making, from advanced technology and ease of operation to stylish design and maximum flexibility,” said Emmanuel Couppey, vice president of marketing for SEB PROFESSIONAL North America.

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In addition to its sleek exterior, the Schaerer Coffee Club features innovative technology for extraordinary coffee and milk specialties, including a 7-inch TouchIT display with vertical swipe function; integrated extended bean hoppers; a fully automatic Autosteam system; exceptionally easy cleaning; and the brand-new SteamIT for perfect cup temperature. Measuring a space-saving 12.8 inches wide, 22.1 inches deep and 21.7 inches high, the Schaerer Coffee Club can fit anywhere, enhancing a crowded bar as readily as it could a kitchen counter.

Intuitive operation informs every aspect of the machine. The TouchIT display, for instance, was developed for maximum beverage variety; up to 40 coffee specialties can be programmed, and all stored options are accessible to users by vertically swiping across the screen.


Once a customized beverage is selected, an animated icon displays the current status of the preparation process. As espresso is dispensed in the cup, the cutting-edge AutoSteam wand creates barista-quality milk foam that any operator can make without barista knowledge or skills.


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