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Stop burns behind the counter: Nuova Ricambi′s cold touch steam wand

cold touch steam wand

MILAN – The cold touch steam wand provides greater safety against burns and guarantees easy cleaning, reducing any milk deposits. It looks the same as any steam wand but its ingenious internal system allows the operator not to get burned during use. Often the baristas work at high speed behind the counter and, between macchiato and cappuccinos, the steam wand has its own peak hours; why risk having an incandescent steam tube in your hands?

Nuova Ricambi has decided to include cold touch steam wands in the catalogue

to meet the needs of the world of baristas that is evolving and improving, and above all for the benefits they bring:

  • safety, as it avoids contact with hot parts during service;
  • cleaning, as it facilitates the removal of milk residues.

There are several technologies to ensure that the steam wand doesn’t overheat externally during use. In the Nuova Ricambi catalogue, at the moment, you will find two types.

  1. The first consists in inserting a small stainless steel tube, through which the steam passes, inside the steam wand. The tube remains at a distance from the external tube, thus creating a sort of air chamber that ensures that the heat is not transmitted to the external tube, which is what will then touch the barista.
  2. The other technology used consists in inserting a small Teflon tube inside the steam wand. This helps to retain heat avoiding overheating the steam wand during its use.

Your safety comes first, the result is guaranteed

To check if the steam wand fits your coffee machine, consult the product page by clicking here.

Nuova Ricambi recommends that you always clean the steam wand after each use, preferably with a soft cloth.

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