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Schaerer at Host 2019: Customised solutions for sustainable growth


ZUCHWIL, Switzerland – “Let’s grow your coffee business together!” – This is the motto of Schaerer’s trade fair appearance this year at the HOST in Milan. The booth will make it clear that this means much more than simply increasing profits. A Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner covered with vegetation on the side will symbolize the sustainable growth principle as well as the customising options of the self-service concept and create a local connection to Milan due to its similarity to the “Bosco Verticale” building housed there.

With the Premium Coffee Corner, customers not only have the chance to select between different features and accessories, but the branding options are also very diverse and the shell can be designed to fit nearly any requirements.

The Swiss coffee machine manufacturer has always offered its customers customised solutions and supported their coffee operations holistically in this way. With the new brand image “We love it your way”, Schaerer is highlighting these standards and making them something that can be seen and experienced at the trade fair.

This will be particularly impressive with the advance presentation of the new Schaerer Coffee Soul in the 10 and 12 design variants. Thanks to the well-thought-out “Select” concept, it is even easier for customers to optimise the fully-automatic coffee machine specifically to fit their business model.

New concept for the Schaerer Coffee Soul

The “Select” concept for the Coffee Soul unites a unique design with nearly limitless configuration freedom and will be presented to the public for the first time in an advance presentation.

The concept was developed in line with Schaerer’s brand awareness “We love it your way”, which puts the customers and their individuality at centre stage and stands for the highest level of configuration freedom with technology and design: With or without Best Foam? “Hot & Cold” technology for cold coffee specialities? Number of bean hoppers? Automatic outlet? Customers can select which equipment the new Coffee Soul should have in order to fulfil the exact requirements of their coffee operations.

Regardless of the technical configuration, it is available in two design variants, the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and Schaerer Coffee Soul 12. Variant one features a 10-inch screen as well as red design elements and is ideally suited for use in hotels and restaurant kitchens in operator service mode, for example.

The second design package stands out thanks to its high-quality materials, stainless steel and decorative copper elements as well as the large 12-inch screen – perfect for making an impression at the customer site, for example in self-service mode for guests in petrol stations, convenience stores or offices.

Growth taken literally

It goes without saying that the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner has to be part of the booth. The stand-alone coffee concept will appear in Milan in an unusual covering. Completely green on the side, it will remind Milan residents and architecture aficionados of the “Bosco Verticale”, a skyscraper in the Italian metropolis completely covered with trees and shrubs.

Just like this building, the vegetated SPCC should do more than simply look good. The covering of the machine in the truest sense of the word not only strands for the trade fair theme of “Let’s grow your coffee business together”, but also draws clear parallels to the different extension levels of the concept: Different series variants and extensive configurations also allow for individualisation of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner in line with customer requirements.