Monday 08 August 2022

Scae Ireland releases Cds Calendar for 2016

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DUBLIN, Ireland – SCAE Ireland is happy to announce the fifth year of the SCAE Coffee Diploma programme. The SCAE Coffee Diploma encompasses coffee education and certification in six different modules in different disciplines: Introduction to Coffee / Green Coffee / Barista Skills / Brewing / Sensory Skills / Roasting, each with three levels of qualification: Foundation / Intermediate / Professional.

SCAE Ireland will try its best to be able to deliver the majority of the modules.

The calendar and more information is available for download here (PDF file).

Registration open for the Brewers Cup competition

Registration for the Brewers Cup competition will open next Monday 19th January 2016 at 10:00. It will be held on Wednesday 17th February 2016 at Food and Bev Live in Citywest.

There will a maximum of 14 competitors.

Only the Open Service round will be run.

Entry fee will be €80.

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