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A Brazilian coffee grower employs UHF RFID industrial labels to help manage inventory

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CAMPOS GERAIS, Minas Gerais, Brazil – Coopercam, the Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Campos Gerais and Campo do Meio—a coffee grower has recently employed radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to help effectively manage its inventory of coffee beans.

Coopercam’s decision to invest in a new project involving Industrial labels RFID technology was triggered by a market challenge –finding an effective solution to manage the warehousing including receipts and storage of coffee beans.

Accurate information about the movement of bags inside the warehouse or outside of it.

The cooperative managed by coffee growers, and producers of dairy & agricultural products, is based in Brazil and has an annual production of 600,000 bags of coffee beans. Bags of beans which the company has planned to equip with passive UHF RFID tags will enable it to track the receipt, storage and shipment of coffee.

As claimed by Hendrix Brasiliense, a partner with BrasilSync the company that acted as the integrator of RFID deployment’s systems, and also developed the middleware of this project, the technology is immensely helpful in enhancing the dexterity of its processes, lower the time taken to store coffee, and cut costs significantly.

Furthermore, with the aid of technology, the managers can easily access all information on the type of coffee beans available; and all this information is stored in real-time.

For instance, tools such as forklifts come with RFID readers for correct identification of coffee bags and ensuring the right location where they are placed.

After the coffee is brought by the warehouse, vital information regarding the beans along with the storage location can be linked to each bag’s tag ID number and stored in the information repository, which can assessed anytime using a web-based platform.

Hendrix Brasiliense notes “RFID today helps us locate more than 4,500 bags of coffee in more than 1,200 storage locations available within the warehouse—which, with pen and paper, would be a job virtually impossible or highly prone to errors,” he attests.

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