Tuesday 27 September 2022

SCAE – Executive Director David Veal signs the 100th Coffee Diploma

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LONDON, UK – Last week, SCAE’s Executive Director David Veal proudly signed the 100th Coffee Diploma issued from the CDS education programme. The recipient was Luke Gilbert from Greenhouse Coffee School, based in China. He tells us his story behind his involvement with the speciality coffee industry.

“My coffee journey began in an unsuspecting coffee farm in Durban, South Africa. The coffee tour left me amazed at how diverse the coffee industry could be.

The fascination soon turned into passion as I got hold of green coffee and experimented with roasting at home. I then dived into the deep end with a friend to help him start up a coffee company in western China.

Everything from Barista menu to nailing down a blend. Then a few months ago I joined the Greenhouse Coffee company in western china to head up their training department.

The Greenhouse are pushing the boundaries in speciality coffee – roasting and crafting the best in this seemingly obscure corner of the tibetan plateau.

Working to gain my SCAE coffee diploma has given me a massive advantage to fully being able to invest in the opportunities here in China and central asia. As the coffee culture takes off here in China, being able to connect with other enthusiasts in this growing industry and exploring the hows and whys is a remarkable privilege.”

For a full list of our coffee diploma recipients please click here, or to find out more on the coffee diploma system and how you could join our fantastic 100, then head over this link.

Source: SCAE

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