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Sca written exams to be held only in digital format beginning August 20th

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MILAN – Effective August 20th 2019, all SCA written exams on Coffee Skills Program (Csp) will be held only in digital format. From now on, only the students who passed the practical exam will have the possibility to take the theoretical one. They will be given the opportunity to try the exam for a maximum of two times within 21 calendar days (beginning from the moment in which the student receives the email confirming the possibility to access the theoretical exam).

All registered students will be asked to accept a code of conduct which will enable them to take the exam correctly.

The “certification fee” currently paid by learners and collected by the AST is to be called the “administrative fee,” with the introduction of online exams.

The addition of online exams enhances the integrity, validity, and accessibility of the SCA education program. They also better position the association to achieve SCA’s accreditation goals. Online exams require an additional level of technical support, staff support, and a partnership with a third-party solutions provider.

SCA’s commitment to serving a global community also necessitates ongoing investment in translations, maintenance of the translations to incorporate developments in the Coffee Skills Program, and the addition of new languages.

SCA exams on Coffee Skills Program are available in: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

What’s Changing?

The original certification fee retained by the AST is not changing, but SCA is introducing an additional exam fee, payable by the learner at the same time as the certification fee. The exam fee will be added to the existing certification fee. The combined fees will be called the administrative fee.

The AST will be invoiced in the same way as before: half the certification fee will be retained by the AST and the other half, plus the exam fee, will be paid to SCA to cover the exam costs and ongoing development of SCA education.

As is currently the case, the learner will not be charged if they fail the course.

How will the SCA exams on Coffee Skills Program take place?

  • The student passes the practical exam
  • AST registers him/her in the course calendar
  • The student immediately receives an email informing that the exam is available on his/her profile on the website
  • The student accesses his/her profile on the website and he/she logs in the section “take the written exam”
  • The student has a maximum of 2 attempts within 21 calendar days
  • Results are available forthwith after the exam
  • Once the exam is passed, the student will receive a certificate
  • Certificates are available as soon as the administrative fee is paid by the student.
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