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SCA will donate 50% of Expo 2021 attendee revenue to coffee businesses in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS, US – SCA will be donating 50% of Expo 2021 Attendee Revenue to coffee businesses in New Orleans to support the community in their efforts to rebuild after the impact of Hurricane Ida. As on-the-ground staff have arrived in New Orleans and met with members of the local coffee community to better understand where the assistance is most needed, they can now share that these funds will be made available to local hourly coffee workers as well as coffee businesses.

They are also expanding the program to offer support to businesses and individuals in New Orleans’ surrounding and outlying parishes, many of which have sustained significant impacts of the storm.

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“We are currently talking to a number of local organizations to help us distribute these funds, and we look forward to posting another update on these partnerships shortly, along with application criteria and a form to apply” says the SCA in a release.

Be the first to get the new Coffee Sensory and Cupping Handbook at the SCA Store at Expo

The just published Coffee Sensory and Cupping Handbook will be released in print at the SCA Store at Expo, on no other than International Coffee Day, October 1. This is your chance to get your hands on your copy weeks before it’s officially launched at the online SCA Store. You will also have the opportunity to meet Peter Giuliano, co-author, at the Meet the Author session, to chat about the handbook, coffee sensory science, and maybe even get your copy signed! There will also be an Instagram Live featuring both authors for those not attending Expo.


Meet the Author – Online | With Mario Roberto Fernández-Alduenda and Peter Giuliano | Instagram Live @specialtycoffeeassociation | October 1, 11.00am – 11.30am CDT

Meet both authors of the Coffee Sensory and Cupping Handbook during this IG Live session – a great opportunity to ask questions, and learn a bit more about the handbook.

Meet the Author – Onsite | With Peter Giuliano | SCA Store at the Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans | October 1, 11.30am – 12.30pm CDT

Meet with Peter Giuliano in person to chat about the handbook, buy your copy and get it signed!

Learn With Lectures

Attend, learn, and be inspired by this year’s vast selection of Lectures. The schedule, which extends over all three days of the Expo event, hosts presentations across a variety of topics including Science & Innovation, Humanities, Roasting & Retailing, and more. Hear about what the industry is excited about and the next steps in the future of the specialty coffee community, right from the experts and educators, live and in person. Plan your calendar and see what is on offer now!
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