Saturday 02 December 2023

Sandalj creates the culture of specialty coffee at Host Milano 2017

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TRIESTE, Italy – Sandalj Trading Company returns to Host with an intense programme of cup tasting sessions with a focus on the coffee producing countries.

Coffee Culture begins at its origins. For this reason Sandalj will compare some of its traditional and non traditional varieties of coffee, by organizing three different tasting sessions, each focused on a particular countries of origin.

The purpose of these sessions is to discover what is hidden behind a brand or a description on a label, as well as to understand the differences that each country can offer: a real “back to the origins”.

At our stand A26 B25, pavilion 22, Francesca Bieker, trainer at Sandalj Coffee Academy and Edy Bieker, vice president and quality manager will begin each tasting session by firstly explaining the specific features of the origin country for each coffee variety, followed by a description of its sensorial features.

Similar educational activities, workshops and courses have already been held during the course of 2017 at the Sandalj headquarters in Trieste, in an endeavour to make people more aware of the intrinsic characteristics, which identify a quality coffee.

The first session is scheduled on Saturday 21st October, from 15:30 to 16, with a selection of coffees from Brazil:

  • Brazil Cerrado Dulce N.Y. 2 Criv.17/18 – Fine Cup
  • Brazil Gusto Antico Sandalj Criv. 17/18 – Fine Cup
  • Brazil Pergamino Sul de Minas – Fine Cup

On Sunday 22nd October, from 15:30 to 16, the following single-origin coffees from Ethiopia will be under the spotlight at the tasting session:

  • Etiopia Yirgacheffe gr.1 Nat. Kochere
  • Etiopia Washed Yirgacheffe gr.1 Kochere
  • Etiopia Djimmah Jasmine

Single-origin coffees from Guatemala will close this cycle of events on Monday 23rd from 15:30 to 16:

  • Guatemala SHB Teresita
  • Guatemala SHB Flor de Coban
  • Guatemala Atitlan Alto Refugio

In the morning of Tuesday 24th October from 11 to 11:30 there will be a workshop with a tasting session of three blends from the Sandalj Blends line:

  • Caruso
  • Pergolesi
  • Scarlatti

Participation in each workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 people per meeting. Registrations are open, subject to availability, and will be closed on 16th October.

Sandalj Trading Company

Sandalj Trading Company trades approximately 160 thousand sacks of green coffee a year and has devoted itself to a constant study and improvement of its coffee quality for more than 70 years.

Today Sandalj Trading Company, with 15 employees and a strong commercial network, is lead by its Board of Directors chaired by Enrico Venuti, manager of the commercial department, in collaboration with Edy Bieker, vice president and quality and training manager, Maurizio Rossmann, managing director in charge of the administration and finance department and Theresa Sandalj, owner of the company.

The various projects carried out by the company have contributed to the over 70 years of success it has enjoyed.

These include: the sourcing of new specialty coffee lots with full traceability throughout the entire production cycle, the development of the cup tasting laboratory where approximately 35,000 cups of espresso are tested every year, establishing new collaborations aimed at the sustainability of coffee producers as well as the increasing of the range of trainings offered at Sandalj Coffee Academy.

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