Thursday 22 February 2024

Ruby chocolate revolution continues with Baci Perugina

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The legendary Baci Perugina is the latest sweet treat to be wrapped in Ruby chocolate, following the introduction of KitKat Ruby earlier this year.

The pink Baci Perugina Limited Edition is made with chocolate derived from Ruby cocoa beans, which has an intense berry-fruitiness taste without the addition of any flavor or color.

Although it is almost 100 years old, Baci Perugina continues to innovate. The traditional recipe with its soft gianduia filling and a crispy hazelnut in its centre now comes in a pink chocolate coating, creating a product with a unique taste.

The new Baci Perugina Limited Edition is the latest innovation Nestlé’s drive to set trends and use innovation to bring new, exciting products to people everywhere.

Ruby chocolate was created by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, which spent over a decade developing this innovative flavor. Nestlé was the first launch this fourth type of chocolate – after dark, milk and white – to consumers worldwide through KitKat.

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