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Record revenues for Baristas’ Munchie Magic in August with 6 more locations open

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SEATTLE, WA, US — Baristas Coffee Company/Munchie Magic announced that its revenues in August from its Munchie Magic restaurants delivering Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, beer, wine, hard alcohol, and other snacks has reached an all-time high. August’s revenues surpassed the previous record set in March 2021 by nearly 8% and more than doubled from the same period in 2020. The record revenues are due largely to additional sales of alcohol, yet ice cream remains the No. 1 selling product.

During the Month of August Munchie Magic opened 6 additional locations and expects to open 5 more during September.

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Barry Henthorn, CEO, stated: “We are seeing an increase in repeat business as well as record new customers from our top locations. There is no doubt that the addition of alcohol has made an impact; however, our top location continues to grow by increasing its ice cream and late-night snack sales and does not yet offer alcohol. Early numbers indicate that September may be even better.”

Baristas recently expanded its technology/software license and development agreement with its primary technology and media partner ReelTime Media (OTC:RLTR) beyond Munchie Magic/MiniBar Magic to feature Dah, a virtual restaurant platform for Thai restaurants. The licensing agreement allows Thai Dah to have rights to utilize the global perpetual technology license and methodologies developed by ReelTime that allow the virtual restaurants to integrate with partners, onboarding, marketing, and administrative functions.


Baristas “Munchie Magic” has opened more than 50 locations in the past twelve months in 10 states delivering Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, snacks, beer, wine, hard alcohol, and hot foods to customers via delivery partners DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

In exchange for the global perpetual exclusive license from ReelTime for the Munchie Magic/MiniBar Magic, and Thai Dah concepts and derivative Virtual Restaurants, ReelTime receives a per transaction license fee of $.35 in perpetuity in conjunction with the terms of the agreement beginning on August 11th, 2021.

ReelTime maintains all rights and derivative works for non-Munchie Magic, MiniBar Magic, and Thai Dah applications.

The media buys, integration, technology development, IP, and other cutting edge marketing for the virtual restaurants are made possible and are being created via digital media/technology frontrunner ReelTime Media (OTC:RLTR) The integration consolidates and analyses data from the delivery partners DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub along with sales, cost information, and pertinent demographics from Munchie Magic/Thai Dah’ Pick up Partners. ReelTime Media’s capabilities are redefining how companies are evaluating and purchasing their TV, radio, print, and other new digital media.


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