Wednesday 07 June 2023

Rancilio Silvia Pro: the new 1-group machine for home and office previewed at Host

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MILAN, Italy – Rancilio Silvia is the espresso coffee machine that symbolizes Rancilio’s Home Line. It was presented in 1997 and over the years Silvia won over thousands of admirers becoming a cult object in kitchens all over the world. Today it is universally recognized to be one of the most famous, widely distributed and appreciated espresso coffee machines for domestic use on the market.

A success that has transformed this product into a real icon of its time, loved for its essential design and its modern and rational style, and revered for its characteristics that are derived from the professional sector.

Today, more than twenty years after Silvia’s debut, Rancilio presents Silvia Pro, the new 1-group coffee machine that is ideal both for the home and for the office.

The myth is back in the limelight in a new format, with a series of important novelties.

Development on this new product stems from a desire to bring extraction quality to the level of a professional coffee machine to win over even skilled baristas and at the same time preserve Silvia’s characteristics, from its design to its ease of use.

rancilio silviaThe technological heart of the machine has been totally renovated. With Silvia Pro it is possible to regulate the temperature of the water for making coffee and that of the steam independently through internal PID controllers located in the coffee boiler and in the new steam boiler.

Temperature regulation is easy thanks to the new digital display that is integrated into the body of the machine, which displays a chronometer to measure the discharge time, the temperature, and an alert for the water tank. Furthermore, it is possible to activate the “Wake up” function to switch on the machine automatically.

High-quality materials and intensive use resistant components deployed in Silvia Pro derive from Rancilio professional coffee machines: brass dispensing group, ergonomic portafilter with a 7 and a 14 gr filter baskets, insulated boilers and multi directional stainless steel steam wand.

Thermal stability at the top of its product category range, total temperature control, two independent boilers technology, quality of materials and resistance of internal components are the characteristics of the new Rancilio Silvia Pro, the coffee machine that defines a new scenario for the home barista, somewhere between the professional world and the home.

The new Silvia Pro will go into production in 2020.

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