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Blackout Coffee raises more than $1.7 million with StartEngine campaign

With its conservative approach, offering a variety of intriguing coffee flavors, the company is a proven favorite of conservative coffee drinkers

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LABELLE, FLORIDA, USA – With its ongoing impressive StartEngine campaign where it has raised more than $1.7 million overall, Blackout Coffee, is proving a hit with conservative coffee lovers and has secured a larger facility to meet ongoing customer demand. The innovative company, with its headquarters in LaBelle, Florida, offers uniquely branded coffee products online featuring whole bean or ground coffee, coffee pods, flavored coffee, tea, and hot cocoa along with branded merchandise.

They also provide subscriptions where customers can receive regular deliveries to their homes or business of Blackout Coffee’s products.

Blackout Coffee‘s top coffee brands feature creative names such as “Brewtal Awakening,” “Morning Reaper,” “Covert Op Cold Brew,” “Pitch Black Espresso,” “Low Voltage Decaf Coffee,” “Smooth Finish,” “2A Medium Roast,” and “1776 Dark Roast.”

After previously raising $1.2 million in a couple of weeks, Blackout Coffee recently relaunched its StartEngine campaign, (, and is already off to a fast start.

This past April, Blackout Coffee more than tripled its sales revenue over 2022 figures after more than doubling its sales in March over the previous year. The company is on track this year to surpass its $2.4 million in sales in 2022.

Blackout Coffee was also recently endorsed by conservative political commentator and radio show host Dan Bongino, and Donald Trump Jr.


In the four years since Blackout Coffee was founded, the company has created more than 40 coffee roasts and flavors and served more than 45,000 customers, surpassing 130,000 fulfilled orders.

However, every emerging business faces growing pains, and Blackout Coffee is no different. The company is expanding from its current 5,000-square-foot manufacturing facility into a 35,000-square-foot building in the Florida area.

“The response and support from our customers and investors have been amazing,” said John Santos, founder and CEO of Blackout Coffee. “They have embraced our vision as a community-engaged, small-batch coffee roasting company that actively supports conservative American values. We are growing so fast and have found additional space to meet the demand for our products. Above all, our mission remains to provide the highest-quality, best-tasting, and most impressive cup of coffee to the hardest-working people in America. We have stayed true to our brand unlike many other companies these days.”

The expansion will also enable Blackout Coffee to take on larger retail accounts and Santos said they have been approached by two large retail companies in the sporting goods industry.

“Operating at close to full capacity in our current manufacturing facility had limited our ability to grow even further,” Santos added. “We recently ordered a new coffee roaster and other additional equipment that will allow us to roast five times the current amount and increase our product output by up to 10 times.

Expanding our facility will allow us to build new partnerships with brands, and begin accepting profitable private-label opportunities. Our wholesale business is another means of serving our customers and offers an additional revenue opportunity that we currently support and are expanding.”


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