Wednesday 29 May 2024
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Estate ‘98 launches Ultra-Concentrated Coffee, made from quality beans grown on volcanic soil in the mountains of El Salvador

Estate ‘98’s strictly, high-grown, 100% Arabica coffee is picked individually by hand and dried on patios, honoring the age-old traditional method for the most exquisite flavor and quality. Create any coffee beverage in seconds by simply adding one or two tablespoons of the liquid concentrate to hot water, cold water or milk

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MIAMI, Florida (USA) – Estate ‘98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee is changing the way people enjoy coffee through a time-honored recipe. Estate ‘98 is made from 100% Arabica beans (Bourbon varietal) that are shade-grown on volcanic soil and honey-processed in the lush mountains of El Salvador. Estate ‘98 is a specialty, ultra-concentrated coffee that delivers the perfect cup of coffee in seconds.

Estate ‘98 Ultra-Concentrated Coffee

Inspired by the Larin family’s age-old “Esencia de Cafe” recipe and coffee farm El ‘98, which dates back to 1798, Estate ‘98 offers an authentic coffee experience rooted in history and tradition. Unlike other coffee concentrates available on the market, the Estate ‘98 specialty 10x coffee liquid concentrate uses some of the finest coffee beans available and follows a strict and traditional process that has been passed down by six generations of coffee experts.

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“We wanted to create a premium coffee product that is sustainable and puts people first by meshing Old-World traditions with innovation,” said Andres Larin, co-founder of Estate ‘98.

Estate ‘98 offers the perfect solution for coffee lovers who demand convenience, quality, and sustainability. Unlike traditional coffee makers that can be messy and time-consuming, or Keurigs and Nespresso machines that are far from eco-friendly and tend to taste watered down, Estate ‘98 offers a sustainable, more affordable and quick way to make coffee that doesn’t compromise taste or quality.

“With Estate ‘98, you can create any coffee beverage you desire, from a simple hot coffee to a refreshing iced coffee, a delicious latte, or even an espresso martini,” said Jose Larin, co-founder of Estate ‘98. “Simply add one or two tablespoons of the liquid concentrate to hot water, cold water, or milk, and your drink of choice is ready to go.”


Whether at home, the office, or on the go, Estate ‘98 is the perfect coffee solution. It’s compact and easy to take with you wherever you go, making it the ideal choice for busy travelers.

Why settle for a mediocre cup of coffee when you can enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with Estate ‘98? To discover the perfect cup of coffee in seconds, pre-order Estate ‘98 by visiting,

About Estate ‘98

Andres and Jose, co-founders of Estate ‘98, grew up learning the traditional and innovative coffee practices on their family’s farm in El Salvador. As they explored their passion for coffee and their interest in starting a business together, they learned about one of their ancestors who carried around a bottle of “Esencia de café” (ultra-concentrated coffee) in an olive oil bottle for a convenient cup of great-tasting coffee.

That’s when the idea for Estate ‘98 was born. They put pen to paper and came up with an ultra-concentrated coffee that can make any coffee beverage in seconds without compromising taste or quality. For more information, click here.


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