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Nuova Simonelli′s Aurelia Wave UX is developed to optimize the workflow of coffee shop chains

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Nuova Simonelli presents Aurelia Wave UX, the coffee machine that’s built to suit the new needs of coffee (and non-coffee) shop chains for fluid workflow and optimum quality of drinks all day and every day. Bolstered by the experience of Aurelia, Nuova Simonelli has designed a coffee machine that’s even more flexible, with high productivity and consistent results. It’s easy to use and it pays great attention to economic sustainability.

Aurelia Wave UX incorporates new technology that offers maximum flexibility when preparing drinks. ITS (Independent Temperature Setting) technology enables control that’s independent of the temperature of every group to obtain optimum handling of simultaneous preparation of different drinks on the menu, whilst keeping high quality standards and consistent levels of service.

ITS is the result of constant development work by Nuova Simonelli dedicated to extraction performance, improving ease-of-use and energy saving even more. This is how ITS was created, based on single boiler technology to which Nuova Simonelli engineers added a thermostatic mixer that stabilises the water temperature in the boiler of every group with less installed power and maximum ease-of-use for the operator. Once the temperature is set for every group, the operator’s work is automated: the machine handles all the rest maintaining a stable temperature right to the end of the preparation of every drink.

Whoever works with Aurelia Wave UX can obtain the same consistency in the cup both at peak times and in quieter periods. Once the parameters are set, service becomes fluid and fast, maintaining high quality standards as well as excellent productivity. Aurelia Wave UX can make several drinks at the same time (milk or coffee based or infusions) maintaining maximum consistency of result.

Consistency is guaranteed, not only by the ITS technology, but also by other technology that over the years has simplified operators’ work, enabling top quality standards. This is the case for Easycream technology, that can froth milk automatically with the right dose of creaminess at the desired temperature. With Easycream, there are up to 4 different milk settings for the same number of recipes such as cappuccino, flatwhite, caffelatte, etc. This is a technical solution that substantially reduces serving times: while Easycream is frothing the milk, the operator can grind and deal with the preparation of the coffee or infusion.

Aurelia Wave is a coffee machine that’s designed for places that have constant staff rotation. It’s extremely intuitive, simple to use and requires very little time for staff training. Optimizing the workflow means guaranteeing the best results for workers throughout the day. The machine’s ease of use and ergonomics mean less physical stress and maximum comfort.


At Nuova Simonelli we believe that the best way to reach excellence is to increase simplicity and ease of use. It is this positive approach that has driven us to keep working on systems that help the operator to work better and be more productive. This is how Aurelia Wave UX, beyond all the ergonomic solutions of previous models, has further optimized the user experience: the display is extremely easy to use both in terms of navigation and programming. Even maintenance is really simple, with the accessibility of the machine and its components that now last longer. The new motor design has allowed for simplification and optimization of components, leading to less maintenance both in terms of number of interventions and the relative time intervals.

In line with the demands of the international coffee market, Nuova Simonelli has developed Aurelia Wave UX with the objective of further reducing its environmental impact. Studies by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment, structured and standardized methods of analysis of a product life cycle that quantifies any impact on the environment and on human health linked to its use) have once again confirmed a 7% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the previous model, whilst maintaining the same levels of performance, quality of service and versatility.

Whilst keeping the same lines that have made it famous throughout the world, Aurelia Wave UX now comes in a completely new colour ‘Titan Grey’, that associates its colours to the concept of strength and solidity, the particular characteristics of this machine that bears the name of Nuova Simonelli.

Aurelia Wave UX is a machine that was created to offer performance, excellence and simplicity. This is why it optimizes the workflow of all those coffee (and non-coffee) shop chains that need a tool to monitor every step of the handling and drink-preparation process.

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