Tuesday 28 May 2024
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New website launch improves customer experience at Coffee Bags Direct

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BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia – Companies spend years perfecting their craft. Whether it’s dialling in that perfect recipe for an incredible culinary experience or pushing the body to physical extremes in preparation for an athletic event, experts within their field work tirelessly to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward when it matters most.

The coffee industry is no different. From the care and dedication that farmers put into picking and drying coffee cherries, to the importing and delicate process of sampling and roasting, the entire ordeal shows an abundant amount of respect for the product and dedication to quality.

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With that kind of ethic, it is imperative that the coffee packaging both preserves the integrity and highlights the company behind it. That’s where Coffee Bags Direct steps into frame.

Based in Queensland, AU and serving customers locally and internationally, Coffee Bags Direct recently launched a new website, https://coffeebagsdirect.com.au/, that will make finding the branded packaging for a product—coffee or otherwise—simpler and more engaging for clients.


This service-centric company recognizes all the dedication and hard work folks put into creating perishable products, and their goal is to assist those companies in highlighting strengths, preserving quality, and ensuring that when a product reaches a customer, it looks and tastes exactly as intended.

Focusing on collaboration with clients, Coffee Bags Direct can assist in the creation of custom labels that are produced through a single colour or multi-colour process, which gives clients the freedom to put any photographic image or design in any shape on their product bag.

Additionally, the Brisbane bunch can create fully printed edge-to-edge custom bags. The result is sleek and professional, giving clients a leg up against competition.

Above all, Coffee Bags Direct designs their products to ensure that the quality and freshness of whatever goes inside is maintained.

All bags are guaranteed to be airtight and come equipped with a puncture proof barrier that prevents moisture, oxygen, UV Light and other harmful elements from affecting the products.

Customers also have a plethora of sizing options to choose from with bags from Coffee Bags Direct, so there is something that fits within the needs and budget of all companies.

While many of their bags are designed with coffee in mind, Coffee Bags Direct also serves the packaging needs of many industries, such as tea or even pet food production.

Whatever the needs of a company may be, Coffee Bags Direct aims to provide a packaging solution that will enhance and preserve all the love and hard work put into every batch.


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