Tuesday 28 May 2024
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New Turkish taste for coffee lovers: Olive coffee. It’s reach in antioxidants

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A research and development company in Balıkesir’s Edremit, Turkey that focused on olives and various herbal essences for the past 15 years has started producing a new product, olive coffee.

Speaking at a press conference, company owner Faruk Durukan said they carefully process the olives before fermentation to preserve their antioxidants and other health benefits, which later led to the creation of natural olive coffee.

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While discussing the benefits of the olive coffee, Durukan said, “This olive coffee is the first of its kind in the world. Not only does it have a pleasant taste, it has a long list of health benefits as well. After the harvest, the raw olives are brought to our factory where the pits are separated from the rinds. The leftovers are dried at low temperature and ground. The end product is what we have named olive coffee.” He noted that the powder could also be used in soups, pastries and bread dough.

“However, when it is made like coffee, the taste is priceless. This coffee is even safe for babies and contains high levels of antioxidants. We transform olives, which are mentioned in the four sacred books of the divine religions, by processing them at low temperatures without fermentation to preserve the useful substances inside. For me, olive coffee is the most precious coffee in the world because of its health benefits. In addition to antioxidants, olive coffee also contains a regenerative substance called oleuropein. This product is our gift to Turkish cuisine,” he explained.


Noting that they are waiting for a patent before launching the product on the market, Durukan said, “We have completed the patent applications for our product. Our market price has not been set yet, but we have already gotten many requests. We are open to the people who want to give our coffee a try.”


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