Wednesday 19 June 2024
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Nestle reports 9M sales up 2.8%, Nespresso maintained a mid single-digit growth

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MILAN – Nestlé reported on Thursday that sales in the first nine months rose, boosted by improvements in North America and positive growth in all categories, notably coffee.

The Swiss company confirmed full-year guidance for 2018, with organic sales growth expected to be around 3%; underlying trading operating profit margin improvement in line with 2020 target.

Sales in the nine months ended Sept. 30 were 66.4 billion Swiss francs ($66.9 billion) compared with CHF65.1 billion for the period last year. The company said its previous-year figures have been restated to reflect changes in its reporting.

Organic growth for the period was 2.8%, reaching 2.9% in the third quarter, and reported growth was 2.0%, Nestle said.

Further progress was made in positioning the portfolio towards attractive high-growth categories. Nestlé acquired the global perpetual license of Starbucks consumer packaged goods and foodservice products.

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