Monday 08 August 2022

Evoca Group receives special mention at the award Eccellenze d’impresa

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VALBREMBO, Bergamo, Italy Evoca Group, a world-leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines, has received a special mention as part of the award “Eccellenze d’impresa”, for its remarkable process of internationalization in recent years.

The award, is in its fifth yea, is divided into several categories and aims to acknowledge the companies that excel in the fields of innovation, internationalization, profitability, human resources and talent, leadership, ethics and sustainability.

The award is presented following a selection process that identifies the most deserving companies.

A rigorous examination is carried out by a joint working group of three promoting companies (HBR, GEA and ARCA) and then through a final vote by the prestigious jury of the award (Gabriele Galateri, President of Assicurazioni Generali, Patrizia Grieco, President of Enel, Raffaele Jerusalmi, Managing Director of Borsa Italiana, Luisa Todini, President of Todini Costruzioni Generali, Marco Fortis, Director of Fondazione Edison).

The jury of the award gave a special mention to Evoca Group as “world leader in the production of professional coffee machines in all Out of Home sectors. The strong growth of turnover, currently over 450 million Euros, is the result of both organic growth and several acquisitions, including Saeco, Gaggia and Ducale in Italy. The presence abroad is also strengthened by three production sites in Romania, Canada and Spain, which are added to the six in Italy. The Group also plans further expansion, particularly in the emerging Asian markets and in the United States”.

Andrea Zocchi, CEO of EVOCA, received the award during the event organized yesterday, Monday October 15th, at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan.

“I’m very proud to have received this award, which is a demonstration of the excellent strategy of expansion and development that we are pursuing. We are an Italian excellence that brings the quality of coffee all over the world and this award is a further confirmation of this”, says Andrea Zocchi.

“Through our international expansion and the development of a direct presence in all markets, we are able to offer products and services in line with the expectations of our customers, continuing to spread the technology of espresso coffee in the world”.

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