Wednesday 04 October 2023

Nespresso invites Kiwi coffee lovers to re-discover the Ispirazione Italiana range with two Italian-inspired recipes

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AUCKLAND, Nespresso – Nespresso is inviting Kiwi coffee lovers to re-discover the quality and taste of Ispirazione Italiana; a permanent coffee range that pays tribute to Italy – the masters of innovation and quality – and its diverse coffee culture. Ispirazione Italiana comprises a range of skilfully crafted coffees delivering a range of distinct flavours inspired by the rich, coffee roasting traditions of the distinct regions of Italy: Arpeggio (Florence), Ristretto (Italy), Napoli (Naples), Kazaar (Palermo), Venezia (Venice), along with Livanto and Roma.

As a permanent range, Ispirazione Italiana coffees can be enjoyed any time of year. This season Nespresso is encouraging New Zealanders to discover inspiration in every cup with two Italian-inspired recipes by local chef and restaurateur, Ben Bayly, and a series of elevated coffee recipes.

Highlighting the iconic and beloved Arpeggio, celebrated local chef Ben Bayly has created two Italian inspired recipes with this velvety masterpiece. Try Ben’s Venison with Arpeggio Glaze, followed by an indulgent Panna Cotta with Arpeggio Ganache – both best served with an Arpeggio espresso.

And finding inspiration in every cup, Nespresso has created bespoke coffee recipes using the Ispirazione Italiana range.

Panna Cotta with Arpeggio Ganache

“Panna cotta is classic Italia! In this recipe we liven it up with Nespresso’s iconic Arpeggio with a hidden surprise – coffee and chocolate balls, served with a warm coffee glaze and vanilla ice cream,” says Ben Bayly, Chef.

Maple & Hazelnut Cappuccino

  • Taste the Arpeggio in our Maple and Hazelnut Cappuccino recipe.
  • Pour 10ml Maple Syrup & 5ml Hazelnut syrup into a VIEW Cappuccino cup.
  • Extract 40ml Arpeggio over the syrup.
  • Pour 100ml of hot frothed milk over top.
  • Freshly grate toasted hazelnuts over top.

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