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Nescafé launches new limited-edition Nescafe Red Cup packages in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand – Nescafé is building momentum in its mission to elevate Thailand ‘s soluble coffee market by launching the limited-edition “Nescafé Red Cup Grown Respectfully Collection” of packages containing coffee that offers the same full flavor and rich aroma that coffee lovers enjoy. The collection has 12 package designs, each featuring a portrait of an actual Thai coffee farmer taken by Chamni Tipmanee, one of Thailand’s leading photographers.

The collection showcases Nescafé’s Grown Respectfully Program, a global initiative to help farmers sustainably grow better coffee to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Nescafé Red Cup offers the full flavor and rich aroma of finely-ground roasted coffee. By featuring the 12 Thai coffee farmers on the packages, Nescafé Red Cup is highlighting how they put their hearts into growing quality coffee for Thai coffee lovers. The photos by renowned Thai photographer Chamni Tipmanee capture the spirit and proud smiles of Thai coffee farmers who work hard to provide quality coffee beans to Nescafé, together with the iconic Nescafé red cup.

Mr. Thanatorn Punpanishgul, Senior Marketing Manager – Nescafé Red Cup, said, “Thailand’s pure soluble coffee market has grown by 10% so far this year. Nescafé Red Cup is a leader in this market. We are pleased to introduce the Nescafé Red Cup Grown Respectfully Collection to further support this momentum and show how much we appreciate the value of the Thai coffee farmers who are behind Nescafé’s success in Thailand over the past 46 years. We hope that the Nescafé Red Cup Grown Respectfully Collection will encourage all Thai coffee lovers who are enjoying their favorite Nescafé Red Cup to take a moment to think about their fellow Thais who put their hearts into growing the finest coffee beans. This is a great way to nurture stronger bonds between Thailand’s coffee farmers and Thai coffee lovers.”

Nescafé Red Cup is launching an integrated marketing communications campaign to ensure the Grown Respectfully story hits the hearts of coffee lovers in Thailand. The launch of the collection will be supported by marketing activities including a 2-minute video commercial called “A Story from the Farmer’s Heart to the Drinker” that will air on digital media, as well as in-store promotions and point-of-sale media across the country.

The Grown Respectfully Program’s three platforms are respect for farmers, respect for communities, and respect for the planet. The program currently engages over 2,500 Thai coffee farmers in five key coffee-growing provinces: Chumphon, Ranong, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Chanthaburi. Nescafé has given away more than 1.6 million free coffee plantlets to Thai farmers under the program, while educational efforts by Nestle agronomists have improved the yearly average of Thailand’s coffee yield to 1.45 tons per hectare, compared to the previous 0.9 tons per hectare. Nescafé has been collaborating with the Thai Department of Agriculture in research and development for Robusta coffee since 1999.