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Nescafe named Thais’ beverage of choice for fourth consecutive year

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BANGKOK, Thailand – Nescafe has earned a Brand Footprint Award from Kantar Worldpanel as the beverage brand most chosen by Thai consumers. Nestle (Thai) corporate communication and PR Group manager Pattanai Luangtrakul accepted the award last week from Banjongjit Angsu-Sing, director-general of the Industry Ministry’s Department of Business Development.

This is the fourth consecutive year Nescafe has received a Brand Footprint Award, which Nestle said in a press release reflects its aim of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future and values rooted in respect.

Kantar Worldpanel is billed as a “global expert in consumer knowledge and insights”. The Kantar Brand Footprint is a comprehensive global study of the most-chosen and fastest-growing brands in 43 countries.

Kantar studied purchase data from 24 million households in Thailand, calculating rankings from Consumer Reach Points (CRP) that combine the number of households, household penetration and frequency of purchase.

The Kantar study showed that Nescafe is the beverage brand most chosen by Thai consumers. Of 24 million households, 55.4 per cent purchase Nescafe 12.4 times a year on average, resulting in a CRP of 165, the highest in Thailand among all beverage products.

“The award reflects the trust the Nescafe brand has earned from Thai consumers for over four decades,” said Nestle (Thai) business executive officer Vladislav Andreev. “This trust is not just an honour for us, but also a great responsibility. To maintain this valuable trust at a high level and continue to remain the people’s brand choice in Thailand, we are fully committed to continuing to reinvent Nescafe to ensure it meets the evolving needs of our valuable consumers.

“With the spirit of reinvention, we recently reformulated our key products – Nescafe Blend and Brew and Nescafe Red Cup – with revolutionary technology for pasom cafe sod kuabod liad, and we also launched the new premium Nescafe Gold Cappuccino range.”

Pattanai added that everything Nestle does “is driven by our purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. We continue to build trust for the Nescafe brand by putting our effort into making a positive impact for individuals and families, for our communities, and for the planet.”

Blend and Brew Pasom Kafe Kua Bod La-iad offers the same aroma and flavour as fresh coffee (kafe sod). Blend and Brew Less Sugar has a well-balanced taste with 25 per cent less sugar. Nescafe Gold affords “a pleasurable foaming-coffee experience”.

And Red Cup Pasom Kafe Kua Bod La-iad is a pure soluble coffee that offers “a more aromatic and smoother cup with visible proof of quality”.

Nescafe also improves the livelihoods of Thai coffee farmers through the Nescafe Plan, a global initiative that supports sustainable coffee farming to promote sustainable income.

Nestle is the only company with four buying stations in the southern part of Thailand to procure quality coffee beans that meet its global standards directly from farmers, with 100 per cent traceability.

Thirteen Nestle Field Agronomists provide assistance to 2,300 farmers every year, and the company has donated more than two million coffee plantlets to Thai coffee farmers to ensure a dependable supply of locally grown coffee.

Nescafe also stewards resources for future generations through environmental and water improvement projects such as reaching a target of “Zero Waste” for disposal in all soluble coffee factories by 2020.