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The Mystical Seed, a story through time to the origins of coffee in Ethiopia

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – The Mystical Seed is a new international documentary film – to be released in Ethiopia. “This is an artistic documentary to convey to the world the culture and history that coffee represents starting from Ethiopia, the land of its origin”, said Mr. Mario Riccardo Migliara, Director & Author.

“Within the film’s narrative and storytelling, we emphasize elements that unite the African continent and the unique role that women play in carrying out the hard work behind the coffee collection and process.”

The Story of The Mystical Seed

The Mystical Seed is a voyage of two friends, Mario Migliara and Biniam Aschalew, an Italian and an Ethiopian. The Italian is a long time director and writer who approached the theme with a dream to realize it.

The Ethiopian, who has distant Italian origins, has lived abroad for many years with the mission to contribute for his native land. One of them is a coffee lover engrossed in a sort of “Coffee-philia” while the other one does not drink it.

The friends, form a small film crew to follow the ancient routes of coffee, exploring the customs and traditions around the mystical seed.

The title of the film not only intends to charm people, it also intends to show a real development of how much the fruit of this plant is a gift of nature. The film follows an intellectual path through the ancient Ethiopian traditions with the intent to produce a real spiritual benefit.

The Project of The Mystical Seed

The project aims to increase the value and the magical sense around the Ethiopian coffee.

Coffee is not an excuse but an important subject for the film crew as they dig deep into the origins of coffee starting with just a single cup. In a sort of backward trip through the ancient traditions, the journey takes unforeseeable and adventurous twists and turns. The film visits the people who find work in the Ethiopian coffee culture, and takes a look at the unusual traces and clues that lead to new exciting discoveries.

The film is a tribute to the Ethiopian culture.  “We hope the plus-value given to the Ethiopian people is that the coffee communities, rural territories and regions will benefit from the increased exposure and interest in their ancient coffee culture”.

Film and Art Director: Mario Riccardo Migliara

Ideators: Mario Migliara and Biniam Aschalew

Producer and Executive producer: Biniam Aschalew Ethiopia   klb

Written and Directed by: Mario Riccardo Migliara

An international co-production A LAB – Teatro dell’Opera di Milano

Cast: Ethio People

Crew: A Lab


In Addis Ababa

14th and 15th August 2017

Outside Addis Ababa

First day of shooting: 16th August 2017

Last day of shooting: 31st August 2017

NOTE: The described dates of shooting are subject to modification depending also by external circumstances.


NEKEMTE (ነቀምት) and GIMBI (ጊምቢ)

NEKEMTE province —> Zone: East Zone Welega – Region: Oromia Region

Map Orientation: West Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Lekempti and Addis Alem

Distance from Addis: 328km, 56km

Coordinates latitude: latitude and longitude of 9 ° 5’N 36 ° 33’E

GIMBI province —> Zone: West Zone Welega

City/Town: Gimbi

Addis Distance: 434km

Altitude: between 1,845 and 1,930 meters s.l.m.

Coordinates Latitude: 9 ° 10’N 35 ° 50’E

DJIMMAH (ጅማ) – LIMU (ሊሙ) and Keffa Zone (ካፋ)

Adiacent Zone: Illibabur zone

Regions: Oromia Region and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regions (SNNPR) Map Orientation: south-west of Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Jimma (special zone), Limu Genet, Limmu Saqqa, Agaro

Distance from Addis: 346km, 361km, 215km, 390km, 412km

Altitude: from 1,097 (tepi) 1,560 mt. (Jimma) and 1,773 mt. s.l.m.

Coordinates latitude: latitude and longitude of 7 ° 40’N 36 ° 50’E

(Kaffa: ex province, part of Oromia Region and SNNPR Adjacent to Illubabor Zone)

After the 20 of August

BENCH-MAJI (ቤንች ማጂ)

Province, Zone

Region: Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regions (SNNPR)

Map Orientation: Southwest of Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Mizan Teferi (Mizan-Aman), Maji (Boma Plateau), Tepi (Sheka Zone)

Distance from Addis: 561km, 470km

Altitude: between 1,451 and 2,430 meters s.l.m.

Latitude coordinates: longitude of the 7th 0’N 35 ° 35’E

SIDAMA (ሲዳማ) and YIRGACHEFFE ( ይርጋ ጨፌ)

Province, Zone

Region: Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR)

Map Orientation: South of Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Awasa, Yirgalam, Abosto, Aleta Wendo, Yirgacheffe, Dilla

Distance from Addis: 273km, 260km, 317,8km, 335,9km, 359km

Altitude: from a height of 1500 meters. up to 2500 meters. s.l.m.

Coordinates latitude: ’45 5 ‘and 6’ 45 “and longitude east, 38 ‘and 39’

GUJI (ጉጂ)

Region: Oromia Region

Province: Sidama

Map Orientation: South of Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Negele Boran

Distance from Addis: 578km

Altitude: average elevation 1,711 meters s.l.m.

Coordinates latitude: latitude and longitude of 5 ° 20’N 39 ° 35’E

HARAR (ሓረር)

Zone: East and West Hararghe Zone

Region: Harari Region

Map Orientation: East of Addis Ababa

City/Towns: Harar, Badessa

Addis Distance: 526km

Altitude: 1,885 meters s.l.m.

Coordinates Latitude: 9 ° 19’N 42 ° 7’E.

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