Saturday 24 February 2024

Nescafé Azera set to launch Nitro smooth coffee in a can this June

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Nescafé Azera is set to launch Nitro – a super-smooth, nitrogen-infused coffee – in a can this June, said the company in a recent statement. Nitro blends the latest trends with years of Nescafé Azera expertise to create an innovative (and Instagram-worthy) coffee.

The cutting edge of ready-to-drink, Nitro is a chilled coffee inspired by baristas. Available in Americano and Latte, it combines premium coffee with a touch of nitrogen, for a silky and refreshing brew.

The nitrogen infusion creates a rich, creamy-tasting, velvety texture and “one sip confirms it tastes as good as it looks”, says the statement.

Nitro Americano, a smooth coffee that glides over the taste buds, offers a simple, good-looking style and substance while Nitro Latte, the milky alternative with a silky texture, gives a creamy-tasting comfort.

Nitro heralds the next level in coffee experience, combining a unique sound, appearance and taste. Crack open a can and release a rush of nitrogen for a Nitro on the go. Or, for ridiculously good-looking coffee, pour into a glass and witness the ‘cascade effect’.

Nescafé Azera Nitro Americano and Latte will be available nationwide in Tesco and Sainsbury’s from June and in Asda from August at RRP £1.99 for 192 ml.

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