Monday 04 December 2023

Myanmar penetrates coffee market in US, Switzerland

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Myanmar will export coffee to the US and Switzerland for the first time, said Sai Wan Maing, the vice chairperson of the Myanmar Coffee Growers Association. Myanmar will export about 18 tonnes of coffee beans to Switzerland this year.

Officials from Myanmar are in talks with coffee experts from the US about exports of coffee to the US.

“In March, coffee experts from the US held a contest to assess the quality of coffee beans. Myanmar coffee is ranked 87. The Mandalay Coffee Company will export around 100 tonnes of home-grown coffee,” he added.

In addition, Myanmar will ship a container full of coffee beans to Taiwan at the end of May. Arrangements are being made to export coffee seeds to France, Germany and Japan.

In Myanmar, coffee plants are mainly planted in Ywa Ngan, in southern Shan state, as well as Pyin Oo Lwin, Naungcho, Mogok, Taungoo and Chin state.

Myanmar produces over 7,500 tonnes of coffee per year. Coffee bean prices increased this year to US$4,000 per tonne, up from $3,200-3,500 per tonne last year.

Myanmar conducts courses for coffee growers and educates them in cooperation with USAID.

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