Friday 24 June 2022

MPE is a go-to source for complete coffee plant design and equipment

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CHICAGO, IL For 60 years, MPE has built one of the finest array of commercial and industrial coffee grinders in the world. Their industrial coffee grinders achieve the most accurate particle size distributions for coffee pods and capsules, filter, Turkish, espresso, and soluble ground coffee.

Their most advanced coffee Granulizers offer automated recipe-driven operation, providing repeatability of all parameters and grind characteristics.

The company also makes the undisputed leading tubular drag conveyor, Chain-Vey, which uses proprietary low-friction Quiet Pucks and an unbreakable chain to gently move your coffee—from green to freshly roasted—anywhere in your roastery.

Chain-Vey’s enclosed design can even support oxygen-free conveyance, preserving your coffee’s aroma and flavor.

Meet MPE at this year’s SCA

Pulling all of the product-lines together is MPE Systems Group, which offers complete custom plant design and equipment upgrades for coffee roasters and processors of all sizes.

MPE welcomes you to visit us at booth 841 at this year’s SCA Specialty Coffee Expo.

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