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Moustache Coffee Club uses A.I. to find the perfect cup of coffee

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LOS ANGELES, U.S. – This month the Moustache Coffee Club debuted an artificial intelligence program that recommends specific coffees to its members based on their taste.

The A.I. evaluates coffee based on attributes like flavor notes, production methods, and area of origin before selecting and shipping subscribers a coffee that best fits each subscriber’s individual preferences.

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The Moustache Coffee Club’s new A.I. continually learns subscribers’ taste in coffees to provide an ever-increasing level of personalized service. After each delivery, the program adjusts subscribers’ taste profile based on their reactions to the coffee they received.

It uses this profile to make a new selection for the subscriber’s next shipment of coffee, automatically refining selections to reflect the subscriber’s preferences.


The artificial intelligence system was introduced in conjunction with the Moustache Coffee Club’s new Classic Profiles: a series of coffees that emphasize smoother, chocolatey flavors and lower acidity.

Speaking about the new features, Moustache Coffee Club founder Sean Reilly described a high-tech solution to the expanding world of specialty coffee: “Specialty coffee covers a wide range of flavors, and many people have trouble knowing which ones they’re going to enjoy ahead of time” Reilly said.

“Since we added even more options to the subscription, we needed a way to help our subscribers get the most out of their membership. The A.I. plugs right into our existing process, and helps tailor our deliveries to each customer. The goal is great coffee, every time”


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