Monday 08 August 2022

MICE 2014 – La Marzocco to feature dissected coffee machine

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Many people appreciate that an espresso machine is a barista’s pride and joy. But, do they appreciate the mechanics that are necessary to produce a single cup of coffee?

At this year’s MICE2014, the La Marzocco team want visitors to witness their technical expertise, and get up close and personal to their range of espresso machines. A La Marzocco machine will be stripped down to the core to show visitors just how technical the pieces of equipment are.

“The engineering is quite extraordinary. We want people’s reactions to be shocked and amazed at the level of detail that goes into our machines. To do that, we will open up a machine and give viewers a visual experience of how our machines are made. Coffee machines are used by thousands of cafés each day, but many customers may not know the secrets to their operation,” says La Marzocco Australasia’s Tom Beaumont.

The La Marzocco stand will also feature guest roasters throughout the four-day event, inviting different coffee varietals and barista talent to experiment on La Marzocco’s extensive range of machines.

Tom says just as La Marzocco embodies a community ethos, so too does its presence at MICE2014. “We want to engage the whole coffee community in our training and service standards, and celebrate design innovation,” he says.

La Marzocco has long been producing espresso machines that push the boundaries of technology and design. Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi founded the company in Florence, Italy in 1927. Today, La Marzocco has a strong Australian representation, with showrooms and offices now open in Melbourne and Sydney, and one soon to open in Auckland, New Zealand.

“We’re excited to share our knowledge and expertise with the Australian coffee community,” says Tom. “Come visit our stand at MICE2014, engage with our experienced team, and join us in celebrating the future of espresso machine manufacturing and design.”


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