Wednesday 06 December 2023

Melitta Canada announces new certifications, helping strengthen the company’s environmental efforts

The global coffee company's Canadian Division launches its line of 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance whole bean coffee along with its FSC/BPI Certified filters. "Sustainability is at the core of Melitta's mission, and we are thrilled to be launching the Choose Better campaign with the announcement of the new Rainforest Alliance, FSC and BPI Certifications," says Lori Brick, Marketing Manager, Melitta Canada

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TORONTO, Canada – Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, Melitta Canada is excited to announce several new initiatives to strengthen its global environmental stewardship efforts. Through rigorous third-party certifications from Rainforest Alliance, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), Melitta Canada is adding to its repertoire of sustainable labels, seals and certifications and helping Canadians Choose Better with planet-friendly coffee products.

“Sustainability is at the core of Melitta’s mission, and we are thrilled to be launching the Choose Better campaign with the announcement of the new Rainforest Alliance, FSC and BPI Certifications,” says Lori Brick, Marketing Manager, Melitta Canada.

“We know that Canadian consumers want to make better choices for the planet, and we believe that businesses play a crucial role in ensuring they are able to do so. These certifications mean that coffee drinkers can Choose Better and feel good about their purchasing decisions.”

Sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and produced in accordance with its environmental, social, and economic standards, Melitta’s whole bean coffees help create a better future by supporting farmers who employ responsible practices such as responsible land management and maintaining a habitat for native wildlife.

The widely recognized sustainability certification allows consumers to choose products that contribute to a better planet. The newly certified line of 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance Certified whole bean coffee includes the following varieties: Colombia Altura Blend, French Roast, Espresso Bellacrema, and Hazelnut Crème.

“We are proud to collaborate with companies like Melitta Canada to empower consumers to make better choices in their day-to-day lives. This certification highlights their dedication to upholding quality and ethical standards, positively impacting farmers, communities, and the environment,” says the Rainforest Alliance organization.

Several Melitta Cone Filter varieties have also recently obtained third-party certifications. The Melitta White and Natural Brown cone filters are certified by both FSC and BPI and the Bamboo Cone Filters hold a BPI Certification. By choosing FSC Certified products, consumers are supporting sustainable forestry practices, contributing to the conservation of forests, and helping to improve the livelihood of communities dependent on forestry. Melitta’s White and Natural brown filter varieties are also manufactured using FSC Certified pulp.

The BPI seal, now visible on its White, Natural Brown and Bamboo cone filters, is a recognized standard for compostability. It considers factors such as a product’s biodegradability, disintegration, compost quality and timeframe and promotes sustainable consumption and waste management practices.

Melitta’s Choose Better Campaign, anchored by the announcement of the new third-party certifications, serves as a catalyst for inspiring Canadians to embrace more environmentally responsible and sustainable choices. Its overarching objective is to empower consumers, enabling them to conscientiously evaluate the environmental and social consequences of their daily decisions – big or small. Melitta acknowledges that each choice carries the potential to collectively shape the impact on both the environment and society.

Canadians can now look out for Melitta’s Rainforest Alliance Certified 100% Arabica whole bean coffee varieties and FSC and/or BPI Certified cone filters at grocery stores across Canada.

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