McDonald’s and Kevin L Walker introduce new Cold Brew Frozen Coffee


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. U.S. — If there are two things everyone loves, they’re cold brew coffee and Kevin L. Walker. Well, at the very least, the chances are super-high that you like one or both, so imagine what could happen if the two were combined.

Walker has appeared in television shows and films (Vigilante Diaries/The Young and The Restless/CSI: Miami), and has creatively collaborated with various other international companies and/or household brands such as, Disney, Ford, Samsung, Toyota, LA Gear, and Budlight (

Well, imagine no more, because this totally happened and McDonald’s has a couple versions of a new commercial starring Walker, and it’s the perfect crossover of one of our favorite places to grab something to eat and one of our favorite actors/entrepreneurs.

Watch two versions of the commercial