Sunday 23 January 2022

Mazzer ZM grinder chosen for World of Coffee Amsterdam Cuppings

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AMSTERDAM – This year Mazzer is happy to support World of Coffee Amsterdam by supplying four Digital ZM grinders for the Show Cupping Rooms.

The Show Cupping room will be the site of daily coffee cuppings, which will be ongoing throughout World of Coffee and completely free and open to the public.

The ZM is the ideal choice for cuppings because of its digital micrometric grind adjustment, the electronic True Zero calibration, and the almost zero retention, which makes it possible to switch from one origin to another without contaminations of coffee.

You can find Mazzer at booth n. B29 – C30, where coffee friends visiting the show will also have the chance to test the new Robur S firsthand.

“We’ve taken one of the Mazzer’s best-loved grinders, the Robur, and turned it into a champion: Robur S,” says Luca Maccatrozzo, Sales Director of Mazzer.

“The Robur S is a high-performance grinder for high-volume coffee shops, and it combines advanced technology and superior performance. It’s barista-friendly, efficient and time-saving.”

At the Mazzer booth, visitors will have the chance to try the new Kold S as well, another innovative upgrade from the Mazzer company. Along with enhanced consistency and retention, the Kold S  keeps coffee cool.

The Kold S protects from exposure to heat, which can affect the quality of coffee, thanks to a specially designed mechanism and the double cooling system.

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