Rancilio Specialty makes its début on social media ahead of the WoC event


Rancilio Specialty is set to unveil its new profile and feed to Instagram: @ranciliospecialty and #ranciliospecialty. This move represents a new way of interacting and engaging with industry experts and of providing a meaningful overview of RS1, the symbol of the new Rancilio product line designed for the world of Specialty Coffee.

The new brand’s début on Instagram comes just ahead of the World of Coffee event to be held in Amsterdam from 21 to 23 June. The event provides an opportunity for the Parabiago-based group to showcase the innovation, design and technology that it has to offer.

“A time of major developments”

“This is a time of major developments,” says Simona Sordelli, Marketing & Communication manager for the Rancilio Group.

“We have taken a new direction with the creation of the Rancilio Specialty brand and we want to use Instagram as a platform to share the performance, design and all the technical features that set RS1 apart.

The brand’s feed will be constantly updated

This will be an unprecedented experience for our audience; the brand’s feed will be constantly updated, not only by communication experts following a publishing schedule that includes the posting of content in behind-the-scenes style, Instagram stories and visual storytelling, but also by baristas, coffee lovers and influencers.

This is a way of involving an entire community, which in recent years, has reinvented the entire industry, in part by taking advantage of Instagram’s astounding engagement levels, spreading the word about coffee culture and educating end consumers.”

Besides the focus on Instagram, as of this autumn, the Rancilio Specialty launch will also be backed by an international communication campaign across different channels, both off and online. The development of the new brand identity will involve all branches of the Rancilio Group.

Rancilio Specialty official video (extended version)