Libra Coffee unveils unique clean water mission


SAN DIEGO, Calif., U.S. – Libra Coffee announces the launch of their Indiegogo campaign with a mission to bring 10,000 people clean drinking water this year. Libra delivers fresh, small-batch coffee to your door, along with clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations where your coffee beans are sourced.

Libra Coffee has introduced a way to help coffee communities gain access to clean drinking water.

Proceeds from every coffee bag purchased goes towards the distribution of powerful water filters for those in need.

They call their model “two-for-one” because two people get access to safe drinking water with every bag.

“Libra’s goal is to make it as convenient to give back to those in need as drinking a great cup of coffee,” says Eric Medina, founder of Libra Coffee.

“But we don’t see ourselves as a charity. In order for our business model to be sustainable, our goal is to source, roast, and deliver exceptional coffee.”

With unique Indiegogo “perks” like a coffee origin trip to bean hunt with the owner through Colombia, to Libra-branded flasks for your coffee on-the-go, this Indiegogo campaign has something to offer every coffee lover.

Eric Medina, who earned his Master’s degree in the Science and Economy of Coffee while studying in Italy, is perhaps the biggest coffee lover of them all.

“We acquired a roasting facility and have been perfecting our roast profiles for over a year. We are now ready to release some of the best coffee in the world and make a difference at the same time,” says Medina.

For more information about Libra’s Indiegogo visit–3/x/13472122#/