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Lavazza Training Center: three new books devoted to the evolution of the coffee culture

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MILAN – One of the latest projects of the Lavazza Training Center: the editorial production of the new Coffee Training Books, updated and aligned with the evolutions and changes that have taken place in the coffee industry.

The last edition of the Training Center’s “Espresso Manuals” dates back to 2011, therefore, considering the rapid evolution of the industry, a revision of both contents and graphics was necessary.

La Cimbali

The new Books have the goal of spreading the “Lavazza Coffee Culture” and to supporting training for Baristas, Distributors, Sales Agents, Students, Group Employees, Journalists and Coffee Lovers.

Lavazza Training Center
Lavazza’s Premier Training Campus in Frankfurt

They have been created in both a single bilingual paper support (ITA / ENG) that is more versatile and manageable and in digital PDF format in order to make it agile and sustainable.

Lavazza’s Premier Training Campus in London

The collection is composed by three books: Coffee Culture, Coffee Bar and Coffee Evolution; they have not been numbered on purpose, so to allow their single targeted application according to the area of interest.

Lavazza Training Center
Lavazza’s Premier Training Campus in Melbourne

Now that the project has been completed, they are being shared with subsidiaries and all the Training Centers around the world, which are currently counting 54 locations, and there will be the possibility of translation into local language to make them more efficient.

Lastly, it is important to note that they were made with the contribution of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) as reported in the book’s colophon.

Lavazza’s Premier Training Campus in Paris

SCA’s certifications are becoming more and more relevant over time, so much that today 6 centers are certified as Premier Training Campus: Turin (HQ), Frankfurt, London, Paris, Sydney and Melbourne.


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