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Laird Superfood expands functional coffee line with the addition of Focus Coffee

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SISTERS, Ore., U.S.- Laird Superfood announces the expansion of its functional coffee product line with the launch of Focus Coffee – blending botanicals and a functional mushroom extract to enhance customers’ fueling experience. Focus Coffee was created to fuel your focus. Closely following last month’s launch of Boost Coffee – the first truly functional coffee offering 15% of an individual’s daily amount of Vitamin D per 12 oz. serving – Laird Superfood continues to define the next wave for the coffee industry and set the precedent for the future functionality of coffee.

Beginning with Laird Superfood’s best-selling medium roast Peruvian beans, botanicals and a functional mushroom extract are then added in to create the new blend. Focus Coffee upgrades your daily cup of coffee to help harness the benefits of functional ingredients and superfoods to invigorate you the plant-powered way.

Laird Superfood Focus Coffee ingredients:

  • Medium Roast Ground Organic Peruvian Coffee
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Organic Lion’s Mane Extract
  • Coffee Cherry

“Introducing another functional coffee blend to our superfood line will broaden how people view and define the functionality of food and beverages,” said Laird Hamilton, co-founder of Laird Superfood. “Because of the epic ingredients, we believe that Focus Coffee will change the way you consume your coffee and change what you expect from your daily morning cup.”

Using only plant-based ingredients including functional mushrooms and botanicals, this new blend takes your daily ritual and fueling experience to the next level. Thoughtfully designed to kick-start your day, Focus Coffee adds functional fuel to your morning cup with a boost that keeps you going from sunrise to sunset.

“We love the synergistic blend of the traditional and functional ingredients within the new Focus Coffee to fuel a calm focus in a world that can often be chaotic,” said Sandy Egge, Director of Research & Development. “One thing that is especially wonderful in this brew is the Coffee Cherry. Not only does the fruit of the coffee have far reaching benefits, but it allows us to fully engage in using the “whole” food – or coffee – as nature has designed it.”


In addition to the launch of Focus Coffee, Laird Superfood introduced additional items this month including the new Orange Guava Hydrate, the newest flavor to join the Hydrate line. This blend combines tropical flavors from orange and guava with their signature freeze-dried coconut water and Aquamin™. It also provides a good source of calcium. Later in the month, Laird Superfood is set to launch 16 oz. packages of their popular Original Superfood Creamer with Functional Mushrooms – combining the award-winning Original Superfood Creamer with extracts of four of nature’s most energizing and nourishing mushrooms, as well as Vanilla Superfood Creamer – made with real Madagascar bourbon vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, and organic maple sugar for a perfectly balanced and flavorful blend.

Focus Coffee is priced at $17.95 for 12 oz. bags. Orange Guava Hydrate is $16.95 for 8 oz. bags. Both Mushroom Creamer and Vanilla Creamer are $19.95 for 16 oz bags. To purchase these products and for more information, visit


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