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La Spaziale attends the National Restaurant Association in Chicago from May 20th to 23rd

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TME - Cialdy Evo

CASALECCHIO DI RENO, Bologna (Italy) – “Yet another successful confirmation with great turnout at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland in late April for our S50 now officially ready and available also for the American market. The attention of our visitors was catalysed by the position of the machine at the booth turned right towards the visitors who were thus able to admire it and test it; S50 in fact, has impressed everyone for its attractive design, its wide and spectacular highly interactive display and its ergonomic details”, this is how Simone Maccagnani, Vice President of La Spaziale Usa, comments on the presence of the company at the last exhibition on American territory.

High-impact design with cutting- edge technology that matches easily with modern locations: that is the perfect mix of the S50. S50 is also well suited to the demands of the North American market with the possibility of obtaining a coffee that can highly customised.

Especially for a market like the West Coast, which is strongly focused on the control of every single coffee extraction parameter and real-time temperature control, S50 offers the flexibility and the accuracy of ITC 3.0 (Individual Temperature Control) which allows you to set and adjust different temperatures for each single dose of each deliver group directly from the machine’s touch display with extreme precision.

La Cimbali

In addition to this premium feature, S50 offers the possibility to modulate pressure during pre-infusion curve, which allows to choose with which pressure and for how long water must pass through the blend in order to enhance its organoleptic properties. S50 thus manages to modify the profile of the coffee extracted, leaving the possibility of personalise and enhance the quality in the cup.

To ensure even the highest quality results in terms of cream and milk temperature for cappuccino, S50 offers MAT 3.0 as an extra optional. Thanks to this automatic system we can set and adjust both the air-intake (during emulsion and homogenisation) and the milk temperature with extreme accuracy.

Due to the very high market demand, also our new 2 group S11 Melodia, has strongly impressed the audience once landed on American soil: compact, with a large 6-litre tank that can be conveniently refilled from the top, and a powerful boiler entirely dedicated to hot water and steam, it offers high performance for the office and small business segment.

s11 melodia
The S11 Melodia (image provided)

The modularity and independence of each group and the boiler also ensure high energy efficiency according to the conditions and needs of use.

The electronic control of coffee extraction temperature with PID system allows to set with extreme accuracy for every single dose of coffee and a wide graphic display ensures an immediate and effective user interface; MAT 3.0 is also available for S11 Melodia as an option.

La Spaziale is waiting for you at NRA (National Restaurant Association), the leading event dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry in the United States, now in its 102nd edition with visitors from all over the world. It will be held in Chicago from May 20th to 23rd and La Spaziale, with its American subsidiary, certainly could not miss the date (Booth 3446).

About La Spaziale Usa

The company La Spaziale Usa, being deeply rooted in the North American market for over twenty years, constantly guarantees valuable technical and commercial support to an ever-growing network of distributors and service providers throughout North America. Through the Miami office, a nationwide stock of equipment and spare parts and a prompt delivery service are always ensured. For a rapidly expanding market such as the American one, an excellent and effective after-sales service and technical sales training are always ensured by our US team.


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