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La Marzocco presents: Hands for Songwa & the Strada AV at Triestespresso

FLORENCE, Italy – La Marzocco, a world leading manufacturer of traditional professional handmade in Florence specialty coffee equipment, is presenting at the European biennial Triestespresso tradeshow (October 20-22), a socio-educational and interactive program: Hands for Songwa as well as the Strada AV and Linea Mini showcase.

With a stand of almost 20m2, adjacent to that of Nuova Ricambi, La Marzocco is exhibiting its latest innovations in the field of coffee equipment, for both professional and home use, within a distinctive booth space at Hall 28 | #35-37. In addition to the award-winning Linea Mini, La Marzocco is showcasing its ultimate Strada AV model, the barista’s machine, which won the prestigious title Café Life Awards – Best Product last month in London.

For the three days in Trieste, La Marzocco is launching a rich agenda of activities both at the exhibition venue as well as off-site, in which to share with the audience its story of craftsmanship, coffee extraction technologies, sustainability initiatives and the endeavor to promote coffee culture throughout the whole supply chain.

Hands for Songwa

La Marzocco has been promoting, in collaboration with two players from the industry, Mahlkoening (coffee grinder manufacturer) and Probat (coffee roaster manufacturer), the education and socio-professional integration of the small African community of Songwa Estates in southwest Tanzania whose livelihoods depend on the cultivation of coffee.

It is with Hands for Songwa that La Marzocco renews, once again, its commitment to social responsibility.

Hands for Songwa is a fundraising project aiming to raise awareness on the importance of origin to all actors involved in the coffee industry – in this case the Tanzanian plantation where the goal of the Songwa Estates partners (La Marzocco, Mahlkoenig and Probat) is to continue to produce coffee but in a more sustainable way, attentive to quality and to respecting the producer, the environment, the traceability and processing of the beans.

The objective is to improve the life standards of the local inhabitants, by donating economical support for each espresso machine, grinder and roaster that will be sold.

Strada AV

During Triestespresso, the latest addition of the Strada family, the Strada AV, will be presented for the first time in Italy. This machine is the result of a strong and continuous collaboration between the company and its community.

The AV model features the same iconic elements of the Strada family (curved rear panel and exposed groups) but it is the only one to feature auto-volumetrics, a three-button control panel and Performance Touch Steam Wands.

The machine’s ergonomic functions represent a cultural and technical revolution compared to the industry standards.

The Strada AV delivers the most stable brewing platform thanks to its thermal stability system and individual coffee boilers. Additionally, barista-friendly electronics make it easy to change settings, program the machine, update the firmware by USB and provide the user an enjoyable, comfortable and unique experience.

Linea Mini

Visitors at the La Marzocco stand will have the opportunity to taste different quality coffees and to experience the Linea Mini first-hand, a highly-performing compact coffee machine conceived for “home-made” espresso enthusiasts.

The Linea Mini offers the best of Italian design and is inspired by the iconic, commercial-grade Linea Classic.

The Linea Mini is equipped with dual boilers and an integrated brew group that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency in a reduced footprint. It is an optimized machine destined to deliver a signature La Marzocco cup anywhere, even outside the traditional café.

La Marzocco Spritz

La Marzocco is hosting on Friday, October 21st, the off-site evening “La Marzocco Spritz Party” in the heart of the city at the renowned Jar Club in via Mazzini 11/A, Trieste.

The party, starting at 7 pm, is an invitation to celebrate the community with coffee, cocktails, drinks and music. A friendly “La Marzocco Darts Challenge” will also take place.