Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén is Löfbergs Group’s new Head of Sustainability

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KARLSTAD, Sweden – Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén has been appointed new Head of Sustainability at Swedish-based Löfbergs Group. Kajsa-Lisa has ten years’ experience of sustainability work and is currently working as sustainability strategist at the family-owned coffee roaster. She succeeds Eva Eriksson, who is retiring after 34 years at Löfbergs.

“Eva is an icon in the sustainability area and has played a significant role for Löfbergs as well as the coffee business in general. Those are some big shoes to fill, but I feel well-prepared and I look forward to continue to develop Löfbergs’s sustainability work together with the rest of the organisation and the world around us,” Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén says.

“I am happy that Kajsa-Lisa has accepted the position as Head of Sustainability at Löfbergs. She has considerable expertise and a genuine passion, and will be valuable in our work to reach our sustainability goals. Löfbergs is one of the strongest players in the business and we have no plans to slow down,” says Anders Fredriksson, CEO at Löfbergs.

Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén: From intern to Head of Sustainability

Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Karlstad, with focus on political science. She has also studied economics. During her studies, she interned at Löfbergs and the company’s sustainability work caught her attention. When she was offered a temporary post at Löfbergs a couple of years later, she quit the job she had then and has been a part of the sustainability team at Löfbergs ever since.

“Taking responsibility for people and the environment is in Löfbergs’s DNA, and the company has always had high ambitions for the sustainability area, which I like. A company that is not sustainable cannot be successful today. It is about taking responsibility across the entire value chain, to improve the conditions and the developing opportunities for coffee farmers as well as to make it easy for the consumer to make decent and sustainable choices,” Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén says.

New framework for sustainable business

Löfbergs presented a new framework for sustainable business in 2021. The framework is based on the global challenges that the coffee business faces, where Löfbergs can contribute to change through three focus areas: circular conversion, fairer economic growth and a society characterized by inclusion and diversity.


“Although we have come a long way in many areas, there is still much to be done. Löfbergs has always been a pioneer in sustainability and dared to take the first step – a role we will strengthen henceforth. We are glad to take the lead, and we are happy when we inspire the world around us, but we often reach our goals by collaborating with others. It is about the power of doing things together,” Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén says.


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