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DVG De Vecchi: “Woc was an amazing experience”

The CEO: “Our mantra is ‘the customer at the center’, therefore we are implementing a new ERP system that will give us the possibility to better manage information, in order to provide customers an increasingly customer-centered support."

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MILAN, Italy – At the end of 3 intense days of the exhibition, DVG De Vecchi talks about its experience through the words of CEO Mario Conti: “The context of Milan could only bring interest and enthusiasm among the enthusiasts of the sector. It was an unusual edition, which saw the participation (in addition to SCA associates like us) of other players less “close” to the culture of Specialty Coffee but sensitive to the quality of the coffee supply chain. An opportunity that allowed us to strengthen relationships and to establish new ones. The proximity to our production site in Colnago gave us the chance to bring several people who work in the company to the stand, so that our customers could give a human face to what are often just voices through the phone or letters by e-mail.”

How important is the human factor for your company?

“Our company was founded in 1965 as a mechanical workshop and we have always been involved in producing components for the professional coffee machine sector. Over the years, we have added to this design and production activity a resale service of products, accessories and spare parts for coffee grinders, cup washers, softeners and everything that revolves around equipment for horeca. Without forgetting the original spare parts for coffee machines. However, what distinguishes us in the sector is the ability to accompany the customer in the development and design of solutions and components. This thanks to the experience and skills of our people, who strive every day to achieve this result.”

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What about technological development?

DVG De Vecchi during World of Coffee (photo credits by DVG De Vecchi)

“With 57 years of activity, DVG De Vecchi believes that technological innovation is a fundamental point to maintain high quality standards in the offered products and services.
This year we have decided to invest a significant portion of the turnover for the year 2021 in technological innovation. x

We purchased new production machinery and new software programs to create an increasingly interconnected company. Today data is a great value for companies, and it is essential to be able to control it to make the most of it. Optimizing processes will help us to obtain added value for us and for our customers as well.”


Let’s talk about the product. What news did you present at WOC?

dvg de vecchi
DVG De Vecchi during World of Coffee (photo credits by DVG De Vecchi)

“In this historical period, the greatest effort is directed towards the procurement of raw materials, to keep the production cycle constant and allow us to support the business of our customers at our best. Our technical department made great efforts to search for alternatives related to materials or processes to address the shortcomings of the market. Despite everything, we started collaborations that allowed us to insert new items in the name of innovation.

The Matrix shower is the result of a synergy between DVG De Vecchi, IMS and Del Creatives, which allowed us to launch on the market a product with unique characteristics for this kind of application. It is a shower for coffee machines’ groups, produced with a filtering mesh composed of 50 layers of microspheres in AISI 316L.

This particular mesh creates thousands of 4-5 micron water passages, generating a uniform flow that eliminates the channeling effect. The same micro-passages prevent the return of coffee particles, preserving the brew group. Moreover, the result in the cup is a coffee with a more persistent cream.”

How is Techup going?

dvg de vecchi
DVG De Vecchi during World of Coffee (photo credits by DVG De Vecchi)

“Techup is an innovative tool, developed in collaboration with important partners recognized worldwide in the coffee sector, which allows you to certify professional coffee machines for the correct brewing of Made in Italy espresso. Its particular temperature probe can measure the temperature of the water leaving the dispensing unit, with an accuracy equal to a tenth of a degree and a response time of 0.15 seconds.

Our experience allowed us to create different models suitable for most of the coffee machines on the market today.

It is an indispensable accessory for technicians who carry out repairs and overhauls, for manufacturers who test products at the end of the line, for coffee roasters who run courses on proprietary machines, for coffee lovers who own a professional coffee machine.

It’s fundamental to keep the extraction parameters of espresso coffee under control, to enhance every detail of this extraordinary drink, and those relating to the temperature and pressure of the dispended water are the most important ones.”

What are the next steps for DVG?

“Our mantra is ‘the customer at the center’, therefore we are implementing a new ERP system that will give us the possibility to better manage information, in order to provide customers an increasingly customer-centered support.

Our e-commerce is constantly evolving, both in terms of content, with thousands of exploded views and tens of thousands of products, and in terms of services, with a dedicated area to manage orders and documents.

We are also investing in warehouse logistics, the company’s nerve center, implementing an even more performing WMS system that will allow us to create timely inventory by item and by location.

The goal is to create a 4.0 company where technology supports people to enable us to face with serenity the new challenges that the future will bring.”

What is the next public event you will be attending?

“By the end of the year we still have 2 major trade fairs, the FHA fair in Singapore, which will take place from 25th to 28th October, and the Triestespresso fair, which will take place in the namesake city from 27th to 29th October.

Two important events that overlap each other and that will require us to make a further effort to manage resources, but which we are happy to carry out to strengthen the value of the brand and make our reality known to others.”

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